How to Find Your Zone of Genius (& maybe you're the only one NOT seeing it)

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Unearth your divine talents & own them.


So often, we are the only ones who can't see our own greatness. It's like everyone else can see it, but we can't see it in ourselves. (It's like that friend who is hilarious but just doesn't believe it when you tell him).

In this episode, you'll discover how to find your distinct gifts and the unique expression of your soul. And, more importantly, how to fully own your gifts. This my friend, is where the real inner work transpires because this is when you expand and choose to show up as the person you truly are.

Plus, I also explain the importance of shedding who you are NOT and letting go of that baggage to "fit in." This is such a part of the process as we strip away the "shoulds," the desire to be well-rounded, and as we stop trying to be so good at everything that we block our own brilliance. (You'll hear about my own example of this in terms of trying to be great at Excel so I could put it on my resume versus just owning the fact that I'm a natural at public speaking).

Owning my zone of genius and sharing my gifts publicly (and for a living) has taken me years to master. So, I'm guiding you closer to your own truth and enabling you to embody your divine gifts much faster than I did.

So, tune in and grab your notebook. This episode is for you my friend. 



In this episode, you'll learn:


- Why being well-rounded is overrated. (+ How if you try to be a master of everything, you become a master of none).

- How to fully embrace your gifts and see your own zone of genius.

- Why everyone else might see your divine genius, but not you. (+ Why we sometimes think that when things come easy and natural to us, it's not a gift or a skill because we haven't "earned" it or "proved it" to anyone).

- How to own who you really are. (+ How to start showing up as your real self, versus how you think you should appear). 

- About the questions, you should ask yourself in order to own your genius. 

- Why you need to shed the metaphorical snakeskin and release who you are NOT in order to become who you really are. (+ And this is the most freeing part, so woohoo!)



Resources mentioned:


- The Inner Circle. A monthly subscription where I've combined all of my secrets to elevated personal growth in one place: proven strategy, intimate life coaching, and a deep-rooted tribe. This group has accountability when you need it, the soul sisters you've been seeking, a built-in support system, and loving guidance from me. 

- Your Best Life. My online, self-study, best-selling course on how to build a life you love by starting with the inner work first and mastering your mindset

- Good to Great by Jim Collins


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