How to Find Your Soul Tribe

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8 Implementable tips to find your people & handcraft your community.


If you are craving the deep-rooted soul community and friendships that are nourishing and true, I promise you that you are not alone.

In this modern world, we've never been more connected but we've also never been more apart. It can feel like everyone else has their girl gang, their tribe or their soul sisters on Instagram but you. I totally get it. Media distorts everything and you end up feeling like the lone wolf.

In this episode, I'm giving you eight implementable tips on how to find like-hearted people and craft authentic connections. I share everything from how to start a conversation with a stranger, to reaching out to a cool acquaintance that you want to get to know better, and how to take your existing relationships to the next level.

Building my community has taken years and lots of friend dates that didn't work and also hanging out with the wrong crowd to realize who my kind of people are instead. So, I'm giving you the steps today that I wish I had earlier on. Plus, in true Kelly Trach style, they are really different from what you normally hear and I felt like the lone wolf for years, so you'll totally resonate with this episode.

And lastly, I close with sharing the new project that I've created and something that is close to my heart and soul: The Inner Circle. I am so excited to share this with you today on the podcast, so download this episode and let's get going! Your soul tribe awaits.



In this episode, you'll learn:


- How to figure out what connection means to you. (+ Why it's important to get clear on what you are seeking in a friendship and how you want it to look).

- How to pour love and devotion into friendships in order to nourish your relationships. (+ What this looks like in real life).

- How to start a friendship from scratch.

- Sentences and phrases you can use to start the conversation. 

- That it's important to have the courage to ask a person on a friend date. (+ Sentences that you can use to invite them).

- That one of the fastest ways to find your tribe is to join ones that have already started and have momentum. 

- How to start a conversation with the intention of having a soulful chat versus a surface-level one.

- To seek out the cool people around you and brainstorm who is "cool" to you that you'd like to get to know better.

- How to get over friend rejection or the false idea that certain people are "too cool for you."

- How to take relationships to the next level and go deeper.

- Strategies to meet more elevated people.

- How to organize events to attract like-hearted people who are interested in the same things as you. (+ How to set up an event that feels supportive and fun).

- That local events in your city - like book tours with your favorite authors or meet-ups or craft nights - are great places to meet people with similar interests. (+ My example of going to a vegan cheese making class and volunteering at Gabby Bernstein's book tour).

- Why it's important to go to events alone or with a friend and still have the intention to meet people at the event.

- How to get over your fear of rejection and people not being interested in you. (+ How it's our nature as humans to connect and other people are seeking it just as much as you).


Resources mentioned:


- The Inner Circle: The Inner Circle is a monthly mastermind subscription where I've combined all of my secrets to elevated personal growth in one place: proven strategy, intimate life coaching, and a deep-rooted tribe. This group has accountability when you need it, the soul sisters you've been seeking, a built-in support system, and loving guidance from me. 

- Your Best Life. My online, self-study, best-selling course on how to build a life you love by starting with the inner work first and mastering your mindset

- Rock Your Bliss by Jacki Carr and MaryBeth LaRue

- Flow With Intention Online by Jess Lively

- Woo-Woo Things I'm Obsessed With Right Now — The Kelly Trach Show

- Katie Kurtz on Making Friends as an Adult & Cultivating Your Soul Tribe - The Kelly Trach Show

- The Universe Has Your Back by Gabby Bernstein


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