How Kristy Vail Out-Earned Her Corporate Salary with her Digital Biz

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"If you have dreams, they are so possible. You just need to start taking action on them and be brave enough to continue to develop them."


It’s been a long and much-needed break but the Kelly Trach Show is back, baby! To kick things back into gear, I’ve brought back interior designer-turned-life coach Kristy Vail for her third appearance on this show (see also episodes 80 and 82). Kristy is one of my longest-running clients and a true testament to what you are capable of if you completely dedicate yourself to a goal and throw yourself at it.

In my third interview with Kristy, we discuss what she’s gotten out of my coaching, why you should financially invest in mentorship, and the tarot card reading that turned everything around for her.


About Kristy:

Kristy is a Life Strategy Coach. She works with sensitive, introverted & creative women to live lighter, leverage their strengths and show up bigger in the world. Kristy is also the host of the podcast Connected with Kristy Vail which has been featured multiple times on the iTunes New & Noteworthy list in three sections - Spirituality, Business + Health. The show focuses on conscious conversations around entrepreneurship, creativity and personal development.

Growing up a highly sensitive and introverted child, she struggled with feeling misunderstood, unaccepted and not seen. Ten years ago, Kristy discovered the world of personal development & spirituality and her perspective on life completely changed. Learning from some of the world’s most renowned teachers and experiencing her own personal transformation lit a fire in her to help other women create their own.

Kristy empowers her clients to utilize their unique personality types to elevate their connection with others, their career and most importantly their relationship with themselves. She goes deep with her clients and helps them address old patterns that hold them back, say no to things that don’t serve them and confidently go to that next level they’re looking to achieve. The most common feedback she hears from her clients is “I’ve never felt more seen for who I truly am in my entire life.” Kristy is beyond honoured and privileged to help like-minded women find more alignment in their life and be their most authentic selves.


In this episode, you'll learn:

- Kristy sits through some Rapid Fire questions and reveals what she finds most fulfilling about being a generator.

- What Kristy thinks is the most effective way to find expanders for yourself.

- The reason you’ll get more out of coaching you pay for rather than what you can find for free.

- Kristy explains how her career has shifted since she last chatted with me on this show, as well as what prompted this change.

- How these big changes in Kristy’s life have made her occasional lows easier to cope with.

- What Kristy considers to be her biggest achievement in this new line of work.

- The most important lessons Kristy has taken away from her work with me.

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