How I Use the Law of Attraction to Manifest Things

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You asked, I answered.


Given that the recent episode about my favorite woo-woo things was a big hit, I decided to deep dive today on the podcast about how exactly I put the law of attraction into use.

I'm a big, big, law of attraction gal and I will talk about non-stop if you get me going. (Case in point with this almost 1-hour long solo show!) As you know, I've been into it since I read The Secret in high school and looking back, I first got introduced to law of attraction in elementary school through a story of a guy manifesting a red Porsche.

Now, today I wanted to break down the law of attraction for you and how I use it in my everyday life. Sometimes this work can illicit images and visuals of red Porsches and big mansions, so I'm sharing about how I use it also in a simpler, everyday sense as well.

Plus, one of the things I've manifested lately is my new, gorgeous apartment. (Which was a huge deal for me!) A lot of people have been asking me how I got this place so quickly and how it flowed so perfectly for me - from listing to signing within a week! And I really do believe that I called it in and I had all of the backend law of attraction work in place.

In this episode, I also share how the mindset work and law of attraction go hand in hand because our thoughts create our realities. I really believe that when we do the mindset work and clean up our thoughts, our vibration rises and we can bring in what we desire a hundred fold faster.

So, I hope you enjoy this episode today! And thank you so much for the love because the podcast download numbers just did another double. 


In this episode, you'll learn:


- About The law of attraction, my go-to resources on that topic, and why I love it.

- What "manifest" even means and how to use the law of attraction.

- Why it's important to master your mindset before you try to manifest things into your life.

- How to start with the "low hanging fruit" of manifestation (like a free cup of coffee) to build your confident first rather than trying to manifest something huge and major like a new, smokin' hot relationship.

- Why feeling satisfied with where you are at right now is part of the secret sauce to manifestation.

- That I just might make a course on this because it's so fun and I do get to run the show over here! And, YOLO. (So, if that's something you'd like me to do down the road, let me know!)



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The Law of Attraction by Abraham-Hicks

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