How I Built This & Run My Business Unconventionally

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Starting a business or creative endeavor? Try working in a whole new way.


It's really easy to look at people online and think, "wow, these people have it all figured out." Today, I am dispelling the myth that I've always had my business shit together. As a person who went to business school and started three previous start-ups before I've abandoned many traditional approaches to starting and scaling a business.

For example, I don't do many "normal" business activities - like growing an email list, data analytics, tracking my Instagram following, and keeping tabs on competitors. I don't spend any money on advertising or marketing and hustle is one of my least favorite words of all time.

I also openly share how much mental mindset work went into creating this business, how important it is to clean up your money story, and what is needed for you to play on the level that you desire. (Pretty much hours of coaching and thought work).

Today is my one year business birthday, a huge personal milestone for me. So, the flavor of today's show is a little different. I'm often asked for advice on how to start a creative endeavor and turn it into a business, therefore I'm dishing the insider deets on what worked for me, what I tossed out, and how I've redefined what it means to have a business for myself.


In this episode, you'll learn:


- How I built and that this is the third iteration of my initial offering, which was an anonymous plant-based food blog called "The Abundant Cook" on Wordpress.  (+ How important The Lean Startup methodology is to validate your first ideas). 

- About all the ways I personally failed in 2017 and what I would have done differently. Everything from product launches to getting my book traditionally published. (+ That business obstacles and failures can be a blessing in disguise if you choose that perspective).

- Why I think being well-rounded is overrated when you could just be exceptional at the things you excel at and what comes naturally to you.

- Why I don't believe in the hustle mentality or glorify hard work and sleepless nights anymore (like I did in business school and with my previous startups). 

- That your money story can make your break your business. (+ How I cleaned up my money mindset to stop feeling weird about charging for work).

- What it took for me to launch my first product at $19.99 and how worried I was to charge money for that ebook at the start of my business. To now, offering a $20,000 coaching package and knowing that I deliver that level of transformational value for my coaching clients.

- How to handle setbacks, challenges, failures, rejections, negative opinions and unwanted feedback. (+ How to decide if feedback is useful).

- Everything "traditional" that I stopped doing in my business because I decided to rewrite the rules on how I choose to lead and operate.

- That when you start a creative endeavor or business, it might just lead you to unearthing your connection with spirituality because faith, and trust, and surrendering, and allowing are going to become necessary byproducts of your efforts.


Resources mentioned:

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