Healing vs. Coping

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These two things are actually drastically different.


Usually, the words "coping" and "healing" sound quite similar, but coping is more of a cop out. The main issue here is that both require action, but healing is taking things one step further.  


What does healing mean?


- Healing is a state of being 

- When you've healed from something, you are genuinely over it

- You've broken the cycle and shifted your patterns

- You've solved the problem

- You're comfortable around triggers and you know that you'll be fine 

- And lastly, when you vent about the problem, you have the intention to move on, let go, and take action

- Healing is proactive 



What does coping mean?


- Now, coping is reactive 

- Coping means reliance on short term fixes

- So, you're dealing with the problem, but you're not fully solving it 

- And when you vent, you have no intention to make a change

- The problem is that coping can feel like you're doing work, but you're not actually moving the needle 


In this episode, you'll learn:


- If you are merely coping or genuinely healing

- How coping can feel like you're doing work, but you're not actually moving the needle

- What healing truly means and indicators that you have healed

- What coping means and signs that you are doing it

- Four sneaky coping mechanisms that you might be unknowingly using

- Steps you can take to actually heal



Resources mentioned:


My course: Control Alt Delete: The Mindset Reboot

Daring Greatly by Brene Brown

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