Georgie Morley On Choosing Joy, Slowing Down & Listening to Your Intuition

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"You have the answers you need, even if you don't realize it yet."


Today, I'm so excited to bring you, Georgie Morley! Georgie is one of my favorite people to follow online because she brings the #realtalk to wellness and shares her story with such realness and humanness. We met when she interviewed me on her podcast and I loved chatting with her in this episode.


About Georgie:


Georgie Morley is the creator of the wellness website, In it 4 the Long Run and host of the Chasing Joy Podcast. Georgie's mission is to help women discover true joy and energy in their daily lives through mindfulness, intuitive living and breaking up with diet culture. 


In this episode, you'll learn:


- How Georgie got to where she is now, running the very popular In It 4 The Long Run blog and why she thinks the only goal of wellness should be joy (which I love & wholeheartedly agree with). 

- How to start listening to your intuition, even when we're taught to choose external data, and our analytical, rational thoughts instead of listening to our own internal guidance.

- How to choose curiosity over judgment when we're looking at our thoughts and trying to shift behavior.

-  More behind Georgie's eating disorder recovery story and her healing process. Plus, the importance of talking about the hard stuff we go through.

- How to choose curiosity over judgment when looking at your thoughts.

- Georgie's favorite places to get the real talk and the conversations that inspire her. 

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