Bree Melanson on Tapping into Your Soul's Purpose, Channeling the Divine & Being a Spiritual Medium

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"When we're actually present, suffering isn't possible."


I've got two big bushels of good news for you listeners today! The first is that the Kelly Trach Show has actually made it into the Top 100 self-help podcasts for South Korea! A big thank you to everyone over there who helped get me into the big leagues. The second? Psychic Bree Melanson, who you've definitely heard me rave about before, is on today's episode! After seeing Bree live in Vancouver, I knew I had to have her on my show, and she was more than happy to bring her brand of emotionally healing ESP to the rodeo.

In this episode, Bree discusses how you can tap into your soul’s purpose, what you need to do to take that leap of faith, and actually does an actual soul reading for me!


About Bree:


Not your conventional psychic, Bree Melanson offers accessible and soul-inspiring spiritual straight-talk as a medium and direct channel to help unfold individual and collective potential. Bree uses her personal journey to her inner knowing and her experience of navigating a series of life bumps and trust falls with the Universe as the foundation for supporting others in connecting with their own innate psychic abilities. She offers a real, raw, and contemporary approach to empowering others to express their calling through connecting with their intuition, clearing limiting beliefs, having real conversations with the soul and experiencing the ease and freedom of living in alignment with purpose and truth. And, she keeps it human while casually talks to angels and light beings...NBD.


In this episode, you'll learn:


- Bree’s daily routine and how intermittent fasting has proven to be very helpful.

- How Bree received her message to be a healer and got into her line of work.

- The time Bree got an unsually clear sign from the universe.

- Writing a letter to your soul of surrender.

- How to tell if your ego has taken the driver's seat.

- My very own mini soul check-in courtesy of Bree!

- A sneak peak at retreats Bree will be offering later this year.

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Resources Mentioned:


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You are a Badass by Jen Sincero

Dr. Joe Dispenza



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