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welcome, be my guest!



I'm so stoked to have you on the show! Here are the details so you're crystal-clear on what's going on. 


The basics:

  • We chat via Skype audio.  
  • From start to finish, the whole interview will be 1 hour. 



  • Below, I ask if you'd like your questions beforehand. If so, I'll send them 48 hours in advance.


Interview Outline:

  • Before we chat, I record your bio. 
  • Then, I call you via Skype. You won't be recorded right off the bat.
  • We'll set up & say hi!
  • Then, I hit record. 
  • We'll wrap it up & I'll end the recording.
  • I'll thank you (lots & lots!) & we hang up on Skype. 



  • When your episode is live, I'll email you the link & images you can share.



  • Please plug your earbuds into your phone or computer for the best audio quality.
  • If Skype drops, I'll message you on Skype and call again. 


Tips & Tidbits:

  • Feel free to share personal stories. 
  • Listeners LOVE resources and recommendations, so I'm excited to hear yours! 
  • This is unfiltered, so feel free to swear and be your normal self. Don't feel the need to monitor yourself.


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Recap checklist


1) schedule a time

2) complete the form

3) happy dance! I'm so excited!