How to Transform Your Relationship with Money


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I’m showing you how to shift from worrying about money all the time, having a frantic yo-yo relationship with it and stressing out 24/7 to having a peaceful, easier, and more relaxed relationship with money.


In this training, I’ll reveal:


1. How to discover the money stories that keep you stuck

If you find yourself saying: “I have to work really hard to make money” and “I am not good enough” and “I can’t make money doing what I love” then you GOTTA get your butt in this workshop! You’ll discover how to find the stories that are blocking you from the freedom that you desire most.

2. How to reach your next level by RELEASing the 3 most common money blocks

Here’s a teaser: it’s not blood, sweat or tears. Heck, it’s also not working your guts out, hustling until midnight, or “faking it ‘til ya make it.” It’s actually simpler than that. It’s by mastering your money mindset.

3. The 3 INVISIBLE abundance barriers that hold you back big time

Are you wondering: “I’m doing all the things and why the heck is it not working?” Or, “how come other people just seem to zoom past me in income while I’m still here?” Holy moly, I have been there sister! Let’s solve this for you. Come to the workshop and discover which pesky blocks are standing in your way.

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Your relationship with money is about get WAY better.

Whether you’ve been feeling financially stuck for a long time or struggling to get the life-changing results you’ve been looking for in your biz (or soon-to-be one)…2019 can be the big breakthrough year you’ve been waiting for.

Join me to learn what it takes to transform your relationship with money, step into your worth + master your money mindset.


This workshop is a MUST ATTEND if:

  • You’re a soon-to-be entrepreneur who’d like to make money doing what you adore, but you worry it’s not possible for you.

  • You’re an entrepreneur that’s not making as much as you’d like, even though you are doing “all the things.” Instead, you wanna earn more in an easeful way.

  • You wonder why others zoom past you, while you feel totally financially stuck in the same spot and you yearn to reach your full potential.

  • You feel like money is a constant struggle and stress and you’re excited to give up the story that you “gotta work hard for money.”

  • You find yourself settling, discounting your work, doing stuff for free, and you’re ready to step into your worth.

  • You have polarizing and confusing relationship with money. You love it, you hate it, you want more of it, and you’re scared of it. Instead, you desire to feel more light and free.

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A personal invitation from Kelly…

I’ve been an entrepreneur since I turned 22. Four businesses, three online courses, 100k podcast downloads and countless business coaching clients later, I’ve discovered how to step into your worth, stop settling, and play bigger with your life - by clearing the money baggage that’s holding you back from going for gold.

This brand new workshop is a culmination of EVERYTHING I know about busting your money blocks and making way for that next level you’ve been eyeing.

If you’re committed to making big magic (and money) happen this year, I can’t wait to show you the ropes.

All the love,



I was in your shoes…

I have a successful business, teach thousands of people world-wide through my podcast, and get to teach what I love for a living. But lemme tell you this: it wasn’t always like this.

Money was my biggest spiritual assignment.

I had a hard time making it. I had a hard time keeping it. And it scared the bejesus out of me (while I simultaneously loved it and wanted lots of it).

Scarcity and lack was my go-to state.

I was hella cheap, I never spend a time on anything, and I secretly regifted gifts all the time. I never picked up the tabs, I would drank tap water when I went for coffee with a friend, and didn’t look at my credit cards when they came in. In fact, I hardly looked at my online banking at all because it made me squirm.

Before this, I had three failed startups.

After my third failed startup, I packed up my suitcase in San Francisco, moved back home to my parent’s place in Canada, and had the “oh lord, what am I doing with my life” meltdown. I was so freaking damn fed up with being stuck, broke, and having businesses that went nowhere. At that point, I was willing to do whatever it took to discover my blind spots and shift my patterns.

One of the biggest reasons why this business (which is my 4th business because sometimes you need to learn the lesson 4 freaking times) has taken off is because…

I healed my broken relationship with money and got serious about patching things up.

I know what it takes to start from zero and catapult into a new financial reality. And honestly, it’s a whole lotta stuff nobody talks about. It’s not hard work, it’s not late nights, and it’s not blood, sweat or tears. It’s also not ego, faking it to you make it, or “acting as if” you were a millionaire. It’s your money mindset.

I would love to help you transform your relationship with money.

In this workshop, let’s illuminate your money blocks and give ‘em the boot in this totally FREE training.

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Yes! I want in!

FYI: this training is totally FREE with no credit card required!