The Money Masterclass

A FREE course to bust through your blocks, step into your self-worth, and change your financial reality for good. Because wealth begins with your mindset.

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Are you ready to rewrite your money story?

If you’re ready to make some serious cash, let’s start with your money mindset. Everything you desire is truly in your head. Your mindset will either make it or break it.


Learning how to shift into abundance is one of the most important things you can do with your life.


That’s why I’m teaching you my tools in full honesty.


I’m Kelly Trach

And I’d love to be your guide on your path to greatness.

A few details about me:

I’ve spent years mastering my mindset & coaching people just like you:

  • People who were showing up for work they loathed, just because they didn’t believe they could go for more.

  • People who were on the brink of exploding to the upside, but fear, self-doubt, and worry totally go the best of them, so they continued to settle.

  • People who wanted to reach their vision, but they weren’t quite sure what was holding them back.

What makes me uniquely qualified to guide you:

  • Money was my biggest spiritual assignment. I couldn’t make, I couldn’t keep it, and I sure as heck lived in lack. I never invested in what I desired, was always afraid to spend money, and I regifted gifts. (I know, the worst!)

  • Nobody else “get it” quite like me. I have so been in your shoes: overwhelmed by money and feeling like it had full control over me. (Not the other way around).

  • I know what it’s like to go from zero to self-sufficient. I’ve mastered the mental work required to break into a new financial reality. I’ve build this business from nothing and living in my childhood bedroom to being a self-made online entrepreneur.


You can transform your financial reality. It all begins right now if you choose so.

Don’t wait any longer.


Welcome to this FREE Masterclass

The Money Masterclass: a free video training by Kelly Trach. It’s jam-packed and juicy.


You’ll Learn How To

Overhaul Your Perspective on Money

Shift the Two Things that Directly Influence Money

Elevate Your Self-Worth & Deservingness

Bust Those Bad Beliefs

Get in Control of Your Cash

Start Taking Your Desires to the Next Level

This course is totally for you if:


  • You continually say: “I can’t afford it” and feel held back by money. There’s never enough, your bank account has tumbleweeds rollin’ in it, and every single decision you make comes down the cost.

  • You’re not getting the income, earnings, and opportunities that you desire. You see people really catapulting into success and you’re like: “well, um, I’m still right here….”

  • Money makes you feel totally lost and out of control. It’s frustrating and you wanna pull out your hair when you log into your online banking.

  • You’re serious about generating more wealth in your life and you’re willing to shift your mindset to get it. Money has a tendency to bring up all of your shit and you’re ready to do the work required to grow.

  • You understand that money is actually a force for good. Because, when amazing people make amazing cash, they do great things in the world.

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