How to Have the Confidence + Courage to Start Your Dream Biz


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I’m showing you how to shift from worrying about what other people will think, fearing that you’ll fail n’ flop, and doubting if you’re “good enough” to confidently having the courage to start your soul’s calling.

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In this FREE training, I’ll reveal:


1. The 3 lurking “I’m Not ENough” stories that SECRETLY snub out your dreams

If you find yourself saying: “I’m not good enough” when you daydream about your possibilities, then you GOTTA get your tush in this workshop! Discover which pesky narratives are secretly destroying your dreams and how you can stop ‘em in their tracks.

2. How to stop worrying about other people’s onions as your go for your goals

Do you secretly love getting the approval from others + do you worry you’ll look seriously bad if you flop? Are you nervous about what your coworkers or annoying cousin will think of you when you finally put yourself out there? In this workshop, you’ll unearth your underlying fear of judgement and wave goodbye to it once and for all.

3. time-tested tactics to ditch the “i can’t do that” nagging narrative

Have you’ve been putting off your dreams for months now (even years) because you worry “you’re not ready?” Maybe you scroll other people’s websites and fall deep into that downward spiral of the comparison trap - feeling even FARTHER behind and WORSE off. If you’ve been doubting yourself for a while, then I’m confident this workshop can help you. (Because, I was once in your shoes!)


Going after your goals is about get WAY easier.

Whether you’ve been feeling stuck for a long time or struggling to get the life-changing results you’ve been looking for in your biz (or soon-to-be one)…this can be the big breakthrough year you’ve been waiting for.

Join me to learn what it takes to pursue your soul’s calling without doubt, intrinsically know that you are ready + deeply believe that you are good enough.


This workshop is a MUST ATTEND if:

  • You’re a soon-to-be entrepreneur who’d like to start your own business, but you worry it’s not possible for you.

  • You’ve taken baby steps towards your dreams with a half-started Squarespace website and Instagram account, but you’re not really playing full out. Instead, you wanna play bigger with your life.

  • You feel like success is for “other people” and instead you want to feel finally good enough.

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A personal invitation from Kelly…

I’ve been an entrepreneur since I turned 22. 4 businesses, 3 online courses, 100k podcast downloads and countless business coaching clients later, I’ve discovered how to find the courageous confidence to pursue the dreams tugging on yours heartstrings - by clearing the mindset blocks that hold you back.

This workshop is a culmination of EVERYTHING I know about overcoming your fear of failure, waving goodbye to your self-doubt, and ditch worrying about what other people think so that you pursue your deepest desires.

If you’re committed to making your dreams finally take flight this year, I can’t wait to show you how.

All the love,


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