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Here's what people have to say about me and my work. 

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Katie Kurtz

"Kelly Trach is a truly genuine human being. Kelly is authentic to her core in how she shows up, shares her heart and how she serves others with her gifts.  Whether it is through her coaching programs, her online presence or her podcast, Kelly has a unique light that radiates to whomever she is connecting with.  Her light is one that warms your heart and sends a glimmering signal letting you know that she sees you and believes in the immense power you hold.  I am incredibly grateful that Kelly has entered my life and honored to call her a soul sister.  Kelly's optimism, truth and electric energy allows you to see yourself in a new way in which you too begin to celebrate who you are and what you are creating. Having Kelly in your life is like having your own cheer squad-someone who sees, elevates and celebrates your being. No competition, no comparison, just pure compassion and celebration." 


Jasmine Lipska

"From the bottom of my heart, I just want to let you know that I somehow found your podcasts recently and have been listening to them (or binge listening) and I genuinely love them so so incredibly much. They are so insightful, full of wisdom and sincerity, and I truly feel so enlightened after listening. Thank you for all that you do. I'm sure I'm just one of thousands who love your work, but I appreciate it so much."


Christy Bartelt

"Kelly provides exactly what I expect from a trusted advisor, she is approachable and fun to work with all while delivering incredible insight and practical knowledge I was able to put to use right away.   

After our work together I was able to see my business in an entirely different light and I now have a bigger and better vision of how to make my dreams a reality. Kelly gave me specific tips and tools that are already helping me grow my business.   

If you have a vision but just can't figure out what to do next or how to build momentum, Kelly is the woman for the job. The best part is that Kelly reawakened my excitement for the business side of my work, it's just as much fun to work on my business as it is to work in my business now that I know where I'm headed."

Ella Ryder

Ella Ryder

"Kelly really is a master at the mindset work. I'm so glad I signed up to the course because I resonated with her energy and way of speaking. I love the personal stories Kelly gives to back up her teachings, it makes it so relatable. If you're like me and are someone who likes to have implementable steps on how to start moving forward and changing your life then this is the course for you. Get ready to live your best life!"


Kristy V.

"I would best describe Kelly's Your Best Life course as a joyful and transformative experience. Her warmth and energy on video is so captivating and the content is gold. I especially love that she shares actionable strategies which I implement daily. This course feels as good as having coffee with a very wise friend - I would highly recommend it!"

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Sondra Funk

"Kelly has the most infectious zest for life and learning. And her smile will undoubtedly make YOU smile, too! She is always learning and growing to bring fresh and relevant content to her listeners and clients. Kelly is a constant source of inspiration to me - I admire her courage, authenticity, and absolutely adore her joyful heart!"


Selina Ho

"I’m a huge advocate of Kelly’s work and this course is no exception! Kelly takes complex and abstract concepts and makes it understandable and easily applicable to my everyday life. I highly recommend taking the plunge and enrolling in Your Best Life – you won’t regret it!"


Leticia Ringe

From the moment I met Kelly it has been an easeful, flowing, supportive and uplifting experience. Kelly displays a high level of professionalism, while also being relaxed and super easy to relate to. This is rare to find! If you are thinking of working with Kelly, I highly recommend her as a coach, business partner and speaker. She is an incredibly inspiring person who I highly admire and respect and I have loved every minute getting to know her. 

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