How to Create Your First Online Course



Shift from struggling to start an online course, feeling frantic about the mile long to-do list, and wondering what the heck you’ll teach to confidently creating your first course.

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In this live training, I’ll reveal:


1. How to bust your block that “your not ready to be the teacher”

Secretly worried that you’re not “good enough” to teach an online course? You’re one smart cookie, super educated on your niche, and you’re REALLY comfortable being the student….BUT when you consider YOURSELF stepping into the role of the teacher, you think: “omg, I’m not ready!” In this training, you’ll discover the hidden mindset blocks that hold people back from creating online courses + blast them for good.

2. THREE little-knowN Traps that most would-be course creators fall into

These 3 hidden blocks destroy online course success like no other. So, if you find yourself saying: “I have to hire an expensive videographer to film it” or “I need to teach EVERYTHING I know in this course” and “I’ll just make this once and let the money fall into my lap” then you GOTTA get your butt in this live webinar! We’re talkin’ all things tech, gear, creation, marketing, sales, and of course… the do’s and don’ts of passive income.

3. What You should teach in an online course

Are you wondering: “what the heck will I teach?” Or, “how will I ever have enough content to share?” In this training, you’ll uncover what ideas can be turned into online courses. And most importantly, what people will ACTUALLY pull out the credit card for vs. what sits stagnantly on your Squarespace shop page. Come find your million dollar idea! (FYI: an online course is an asset in your business that can bring in $100k/year alone!)

4. How to price your course + launch it

You’ll definitely want to hear this! There is an art and a science to creating a course, pricing it, and launching it successfully. As a three time course creator, I’ll show you the ropes around the nitty gritty details of pricing and launching.


This webinar is a must attend if:

  • You’re a digital business owner (or soon-to-be-one) that’s considering creating an online course in the next 6 months.

  • You have a 1:1 service-based business and you’re looking to stop trading “dollars for hours.”

  • You want to make some freakin’ passive income already! You wanna be the one cruising the amalfi coast while you welcome new students into your course.

  • You’re overwhelmed by the idea of creating a course from scratch, filming it, generating content, marketing it, and selling it. You’d love some much-needed expert advice!


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A personal invitation from Kelly…

I’ve been an entrepreneur since I turned 22. Four businesses, three online courses, 100k podcast downloads and countless business coaching clients later, I’ve discovered the exact ingredients that differentiates a wildly successful online course from the ones that never get past a brainstorm in a journal.

This brand new, fresh-for-2019 workshop is a culmination of EVERYTHING I know about creating and launching successful online courses.

In fact, 80% of my income comes from my 3 online courses and I specialize in helping my community build digital businesses with 1:1 services and online courses.

So, if you’re committed to making big magic (and money) happen in 2019, I can’t wait to show you the ropes.

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