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You adore the podcast and now it's time to get rewarded!


When you leave a rating and review of The Kelly Trach Show, you'll be automatically entered to win both of my top-selling courses. Plus, you'll get a ton of good karma when you leave a love note on iTunes. (I promise, if you review the podcast, something good will totally flow your way! The universe is loving like that!)

The Prize

You'll be entered to win both of these courses, for a total value of a whopping $2290!

How it Works:


Step 1:

Find The Kelly Trach Show on the Apple Podcasts app


Step 2:

Arrive at the main page


Step 3:

Scroll down to Ratings & Reviews


Step 4:

Click "Write a Review"


Step 5:

Share your love, add your Instagram handle and hit send


Do I have to be on iTunes to enter?  Yes, you do! You can also access iTunes from your computer too. I'll totally send you good love and karma if you enter on different platforms, yet you won't be entered to win the contest. It's kindly iTunes only!

What if I've already reviewed the podcast?  You'll still be entered to win! If your name gets picked, I'll be sure to find you.

Do I need to leave my Instagram handle?  Yes please! That's how I'll connect with you when you win.


Thank you!


I'll see you later on the show

P.S. I adore having you here in my community! Thank you for your love and support. I so appreciate you!

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