I just want to say hi!

Oh hayyyy! Come say hi on Instagram! That's where I hang out most with my community. 

Definitely start with my book: F*ck this Shit I'm Curing Myself. It's 170 jam-packed pages and it shares everything I know about healing and how you can do it too. This book gets the most hits and downloads by far. 

I'm new, where should I start?

Can you answer my medical question?

I am not able to answer or address any medical questions or concerns. I am not a doctor (read: I'm a regular human). If you are looking for answers, I encourage you to find a functional medicine doctor in your area!

Can you refer me to a practitioner?

I always recommend seeing a functional medicine doctor. That's my go-to answer for any condition or illness and my #1 recommendation. Try searching this database for someone in your area. Please note, I don't make personal recommendations - so many of you are international!

What are your conditions?

I have two autoimmune conditions (celiac disease and Reynaud's disease). Formerly, I had IBS, leaky gut and Candida. I still have a handful of food allergies and sensitivities. For the full low down, read this page

Did food cure your autoimmune disease? 

Autoimmune diseases don't go away. I've managed my celiac and Reynaud's disease so much that I no longer suffer with them. If you want deets on how I did it, in full detail, read this

Can you recommend any books? 

Yes indeed! On this page, you'll find my favorite:

  • plant-based cookbooks
  • kitchen essentials for setting up a plant-based & gluten-free kitchen
  • medical literature
  • mindset books
  • non-toxic products & beauty items I love

Can we partner up?

Yes! Scroll over to the work with me page to get in touch. 

Can you come speak at my event?

I'm glad you asked! Come reach me here

Can I interview you?

Jump on over here! We can make podcasts and interviews happen. 

Can I be on your podcast?

Let's make it happen! Please send me your pitch here. P.S. I only accept pitches through that form (not email or Instagram). 

Can I sponsor the show?

Yes! I'm always accepting new sponsors that are aligned and can provide value to my listeners. Please fill out your pitch here.

How do I pronounce Trach?

Great question! Like "Track" as in track and field. 

Can you give me advice on starting a business?

I recommend these books and these podcasts. Because I've left ego-centered businesses before, think about if feel called to do this work and if you truly want to be devoted to the cause. Unlike pretty Instagram filters, the startup part will feel like this. If you feel stuck, scared, or unsure, I recommend coaching or taking this course to build your strongest mindset yet.