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Are you ready to build what’s in your heart?

You’ve got the vision, the divine download, and something is calling your name. Now, it’s time to start turning your dreams into your reality. All you need is a guide to show you exactly how to do that. If you’re ready to create what’s in your soul, then let’s begin.


Everyone talks about being successful online, but nobody teaches you HOW to get there.


That’s why I’m teaching you my strategy in full honesty.

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I’m Kelly Trach

And I’d love to be your guide on your path to greatness.

A few details about me:

I’ve spent years mastering my mindset & coaching people just like you:

  • People who were showing up for work they loathed, just because they didn’t believe they could go for more.

  • People who were on the brink of exploding to the upside, but fear, self-doubt, and worry totally go the best of them, so they continued to settle.

  • People who wanted to reach their vision, but they weren’t quite sure what was holding them back.

What makes me uniquely qualified to guide you:

  • I’m a life and business coach with a methodology that’s rooted in the mindset work.

  • Business is my zone of genius. I’m a business school honors grad, I’ve got three failed tech startups under my belt, I got accepted into a prestigious silicon valley entrepreneurship school, and this is my fourth business.

  • I’ve seen all angles of business: tradition schooling, the scrapiness of silicon valley, and what’s it’s like to run a profitable online business doing what you love. Nothing beats the years of hands-on experience.


Today might be the day that changes your life forever.

Say yes. Dive in. Trust the divine calling on your life.

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Welcome to this FREE Video Course

How to Start Your Online Empire: a free video training by Kelly Trach. It’s jam-packed and juicy.


You’ll Learn How To

Master Your Mindset, Know that You are Ready + Overcome "I'm Not Good Enough"

Ace Your Money Mindset, Turn Your Ideas into Dolla Dolla Bills + Own Your Desire to Get Rich

Test + Validate Your Product BEFORE You Craft It

Create Your Product + Rock Your Pricing Strategy

How to Sell Anything, Do it With Integrity + Bypass the Sleazy, Cheesy Way

What’s vastly different about my process:

  • I teach you how to build what your heart desires. This is not about living from ego, looking good on paper or proving yourself to others. This is about having a calling on your life, creating a business to support it, and becoming who you really are.

  • My work is steeped in the mindset work, overcoming the lurking feeling of “I’m not good enough,” and silencing your inner critic. Even if you have a great strategy, but your inner critic holds you back from even starting, then good luck. With everything I teach, we begin with the mindset work first.

  • I see business as a spiritual practice. Trust, faith, and devotion to your life’s calling is beyond necessary because you’re going to venture into the unknown and do a whole lotta stuff you’ve never done before. If I had a course on how to trust my own intuition in business school, I would have been way more successful by now. Legit.

  • I’ve flat out failed three times before. But, you know what? Silicon Valley taught me a lot about how to test, validate, and prove that your ideas will be successful BEFORE you make your product or open a business bank account. This is about being strategic versus spending loads of time and money on stuff that’s never going to get traction.

  • It’s transparent. When it comes to your juicy life vision, I get right to the point and give you the goods straight up so you can take action immediately. In this training, I tell you exactly how I’ve been able to craft my own online business from scratch.

  • It’s digitally focused. This is all about building a scalable business where you can reach millions, create passive income, and leverage your time. I’m giving you my secret sauce so you can rock it right now.


This course is totally for you if:


  • You have a calling on your life and you’re ready to step into that person you know you are meant to become.

  • Are just learning how to start a business or you already have one but it’s not doing so well. (Perhaps you’re not full-time yet, your income isn’t steady, or you’re not happy with your success so far).

  • Are ready to rise up and play on a new level, you just need the strategy to get there.

  • You have a vision, but you have no idea where to start when it comes to the business stuff. (That’s where I come in!)

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