Earn 10k Months

6-month private coaching package with Kelly Trach


By the end of this package, you’ll be earning consistent 10k months from your business + on track to your first 6-figures.

I’m Kelly, a proven + trusted business coach. Let’s make 10k months your new normal.


Let me know if this sounds familiar

You’ve already got an online business and you are doing alllll the things, but you’re still not making $10k months. It feels like you’re hardly making progress and you wish you were further along by now. Plus, you look at other entrepreneurs on Instagram and think: “how the heck are they doing this?” It’s a total bummer because you know you’ve got the potential, you’re just not sure how to get there.



As a four time entrepreneur, I struggled for years to get a successful digital business off the ground.

My 3 tech startups all failed. So, I started a blog, worked like crazy, and assumed I would get rich off a $19 ebook and become the next Gwyneth Paltrow.

I was hardly “changing the world.” In fact, I was burnt out, living at home with my parents, and hardly making a single dime in the early days.

It wasn’t until I learned how to find my genius, monetize it properly, and earn consistent full-time income.

Now, I run a thriving digital business, live the laptop life, make 80% of my income while I interview cool podcast guests and lay on the beaches of Hawaii, and teach my work to thousands worldwide. Plus, I have a global clientele of female entrepreneurs who live successful and deeply fulfilling lives.

Here’s the thing I want you to know about my success: I’m not special.

I simply learned how to monetize my genius and turn my dreams into my reality. And now I want to help you do the same.


Why I’m the Right Coach for You

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Business School Honors Grad

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Silicon Valley Background

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4 Time Entrepreneur

This is my fourth business, I’ve coached countless clients, and I deeply understand the strategy that goes into building a digital business. My coaching is unlike anything else: practical, honest, and tried-and-true. I've done it all: business school, working for Tesla Motors, attending a prestigious Silicon Valley entrepreneurship school, 3 failed tech start-ups and then hitting it out of the park with this business. I have a Bachelors of Commerce honors degree from the UBC Sauder School of Business with a specialization in marketing and most importantly, I have the street smarts from building four digital businesses.

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By the end of this package, you will have…

  • Refined your packages and pricing so that you are charging what you're really worth and attracting high-ticket clients who will happily invest in your services.

  • Grown a loyal, big following on social media, with podcast, or YouTube channel and rocket launched into stardome status.

  • Learned how to hire the right help for your business, outsource like a pro, and automate your business so you can put your feet up, vacation more, and let money flow in easily without lifting a finger.

  • Nailed webinar and email marketing strategy so that sales are a total breeze and clients are coming to you and knocking at your door consistently. (Versus the other way around).

  • If desired, launched a best-selling passive income online course that is so tailored to your audience's needs that they will be begging you to take their money already. Plus, you will have validated your course to ensure you'll earn thousands right out of the gate.

  • Hit your first $10k month and popped the bubbly to celebrate. (Because way more are to come!)

  • Have a wildly strong wealth consciousness and a relationship with money that feels like all you have to do is snap your fingers and it shows up.

  • A personal roadmap to consistent $10k months and beyond with a full marketing and sales strategy tailored to your business.

  • Left your job and started working for yourself full-time instead.

  • Increased your self-worth, mastered the mindset of wealth and you’ll be well on your way to a 6-figure year.

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Let’s Talk About You


  • You already have an online business and you're ready to take it to the next level.

  • Are excellent at what you do, but you worry that you’re not a “good enough entrepreneur” and you don’t know the “business stuff” well enough to make consistent, full-time income from it.

  • Still work a full-time job and you are scared to let it go because your business isn’t close to that steady income level yet.

  • Desire to earn $10k months from doing what you adore, you’d like to quit your full time job, and solely focus on your business so that you can create even more.

  • You have lots of new ideas for offerings or online courses, but you aren’t implementing them because you get flustered and overwhelmed by the business side. You just need someone to tell you the “what” and the “how” so you can take action with ease.

  • If you aren’t very visible online, unsure how to market and sell your offerings, and get a bigger audience. You also have a fear of charging more because you’re worried people won’t pay for it.

  • This package is also for you if you are looking to launch a best-selling online course and have a solid passive income stream. You don’t want to slave away like your parents did. Instead, you want to make money with ease.

  • Are a go-getter with an A+ attitude and you will do whatever it takes to grow your business because you want it more than anything. You can dedicate 15+ hours a week to working with me and implementing the bespoke business strategy I give you.

  • Know that you are capable of great things, you just need a little help getting there.


you love to have fun

Coaching with me is fun, high-vibe, and overwhelm free. I’m known for my proven and easy step-by-step strategy.

How it Works


One clarity questionnaire: Before we begin, I'll give you questions to explore and pre-coaching work so that we maximize our time together and you hit your goals sooner.

Twenty four 90-minute coaching calls via Skype audio: Each week we meet for 90-minutes so that you are supported and you have a clear plan of action. I come with a detailed list of questions ready for you and a structured outline of what we will be working on - all personalized and dedicated to your needs.

Recorded calls: Every is saved as an MP3 file and you can listen again anytime, not have to worry about taking notes, and keep them forever.

Action items: Each call, I assign roughly 10 action items so that you can implement your bespoke strategy over the week. This way, you stay on track, always have a plan, and you never feel overwhelmed. No more “what ifs” and late nights Googling. You always know exactly what to do next.

Full material review and detailed feedback: I personally review all of your documents, products, website pages, study your social media, research your funnels, look at your financials, and provide in depth feedback on everything. This is very time intensive and this is what makes my coaching ultra unique and exceedingly thorough. For every hour we chat on the phone, I’ve done backend work studying your business to give you specific, tailored feedback and personal guidance. This way, when you launch, you know that I’ve given you the green light, found your blind spots, and set you up for total success.

Unlimited email support: Between each coaching call, you can ask me for guidance anytime. This makes implementation a total breeze for you and I’m always here to bounce ideas around.

Free enrollment in Your Conscious Empire: Enjoy my signature course so that you can save loads of time with all of my strategies, swipe copy, and plug-and-play templates at your fingertips.


The Package




Enjoy the success you’ve always desired.


If this package speaks and calls to you, then fill out the form below and hop on a free call with me.

Or, you can keep settling for the life you are living…

Working a job you hate, barely scraping by from the funds in your business, feeling frustrated that it’s taking so long to get there, and being bummed because you haven’t “made it” yet.

I get it. With 3 failed businesses, the sting of “not being successful” really burns, especially when you know how much potential you have. For my fourth business, I was determined to finally make it, earn serious cash, and rocket launch into super stardom.

In this coaching package, you’ll discover my secrets to earning consistent $10k months with ease. As a person who build this fourth business from living at home with my family, working from my childhood bedroom in two short years I went from zero to financially free. And now, I want to help you do the same.


Coaching with me is the best investment you can make since you’ll generate consistent $10k months, do what you adore + get paid to be yourself.



I already know this stuff, so can’t I do it on my own? Well, are you earning $10k months already? If so, then you don’t need me! However, if you are like most female entrepreneurs, you probably have accumulated a lot of information by now. Here’s the honest truth: if you knew how to do it, you would have done it by now. Give yourself the gift of guidance and the exact level of attention you deserve to grow your business remove whatever stands in your way. Let me just illuminate the path so you can receive the dedicated guidance, bespoke feedback, and step-by-step plan to reach your goals.

I’ve already got an established business. Is this right for me? Yes! If you are ready to make $10k months your new normal, then you are in the right spot. Be grateful that you don’t need to worry about how you’ll get there anymore and that you won’t make the expensive mistakes so many early-stage entrepreneurs make at the start. I truly WISH I had a coach like myself when I was at this stage. I’ll show you exactly how to attract consistent clients, make money online with total ease, and start leveraging passive income so that you can earn 6-figures this year doing what you adore while living the laptop life.

What makes you different than other coaches + group programs? Firstly, I only focus on one type of business model: passive income online courses + 1:1 coaching or service-based work. I have truly mastered this model and in coaching, I hand you the golden keys so you can implement my hand-crafted strategy in your business too. In addition, I offer not just coaching, but consulting. Loads of coaches will just answer your questions on the phone and call it a day. I don’t. The in-depth personal feedback I provide is what makes my work incomparable. I venture into your sales funnels, study your social media, read every page on your website, explore your e-newsletters, listen to your podcast, dive into your products, review your financials, and give you feedback on everything. I come prepared to each call with a dedicated set of personal questions for you. It’s high-level, bespoke, coaching entirely tailored to you. And lastly, I am know for my step-by-step approach that’s easy, stress free, and delivers results. Allow yourself the gift of guidance and stop trying to do it all on your own. Stop worrying about how you’ll make $10k months on your own. Let me simply show you how.

How fast will I get results + make money?  I value results and getting them quickly. The rad part about working with me is that I just can tell you: “do this and this and this!” And then you implement it. That removes the overwhelm. In my coaching, the pace is faster and we’re moving more quickly. Because I’ve built so many digital businesses before (for myself and my clients), my formula is very efficient and highly effective. When you work with me, I can deliver results within a few months months. It’s my job to help you make money and hit consistent $10k months ASAP.

Why is it $12,000?  I’m know for the results I deliver. By the time you’re done with me, you’ll have consistent $10k months and a clear pathway to 6-figures. I get my clients serious results - and fast too. Plus, you’re not just investing in the coaching calls, you’re investing in my personal review and detailed feedback on your business. This is highly labor intensive and for every one hour we are on the phone, I have done two hours of preparation and consulting behind-the-scenes. In addition, I only work with three clients at a time because it’s so bespoke and the level of devotion I pour into your business is something that can’t be replicated by any other coach. Lastly, like all things in life, you get what you pay for.

Can I get a refund?  Packages are non-refundable because I require you to 100% commit to your own success. I encourage you to review the terms and conditions so you understand.


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