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How do I pronounce Trach?  Great question! Like "Track" as in track and field. 

Can you speak at my event?  Yes, I love speaking! Apply here to hire me as your next motivational speaker. 

I'm from the media or a fellow podcast host. Can I interview you?  Definitely! Jump on over here

Can you give me advice on starting a business?  Start with this episode: "How I Built This & Run My Business Unconventionally."  Definitely explore my course called Your Conscious Empire. I've openly shared how much mindset work and coaching has gone into playing at this level so I highly recommend working with a coach to master your mindset first. If you want my personal help on building your empire, please explore my coaching offerings. I'd love to support your vision!

How do I start a podcast? I use a Blue Yeti microphone, I bought this iMac, I use the Ecamm recorder for Skype to record the episodes via Skype audio, and edit in garageband. And Pat Flynn and Tim Ferriss taught me the rest in this tutorial. YouTube everything when you get stuck. You'll rock it!


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