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How do I pronounce Trach?  Great question! Like "Track" as in track and field. 

Can you speak at my event?  Yes, I love speaking! Apply here to hire me. 

I'm from the media or a fellow podcast host. Can I interview you?  Definitely! Jump on over here

Can you give me advice on starting a business?  Start with this episode: "How I Make Money & Became Successful." Plus, I totally made you a course on how you can build a heart-centered business, do what you adore and free yourself financially. It's called Your Conscious Empire.

How do I start a podcast, YouTube channel, or online course?  I teach you a full breakdown of how you can create your own podcast, YouTube videos, and online courses in Your Conscious Empire! It's all there for you with visuals, video tutorials, and guidebooks. You'll rock it!

Where can I get more information on healing & buy your book?  It's all here in The Healing Blueprint Bundle! 

Who's your web designer?  I do it myself! I have a background in digital marketing and I teach you how to build gorgeous websites that sell themselves in Your Conscious Empire! There's an entire module dedicated to teaching you how to build a website that looks like a million bucks - complete with video tutorials, templates, sales scripts, and step-by-step guides. I'll show you the way!

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