be a part of the magic

Being on the Kelly Trach Team is super fun, fast paced, and a total dream job. It's all remote and you just need your laptop and your all-star attitude. Come join the magic!


Creative Director

The role:

  • You're my right hand woman. You're ready to take to the next level and the idea of creating a multi-million dollar brand excites you. You loooovvvee good branding, great design aesthetic, and marketing in the new-age conscious way is your zone of genius. You'll also be in charge of all marketing campaigns, tribe building, the affiliate program, and overall brand love. This role involves direct collaboration with me (cause I love this stuff) and two heads are better than one!



  • Totally understand the world of social media, YouTube, and especially Instagram.

  • Are familiar with self-development and the key players. (You're into this stuff yourself).

  • You always know the coolest brands, what's trending, you dress well, and have great taste. (You'll be creating visual stuff, so good taste is really important!)

  • Are fascinated by brands that have cult-following, hip aesthetic, and you think the idea of working at one of those companies would be the bees knees. (AKA Glossier, Girl Boss, goop, Free+Native to name my favs).

  • Are an all-star and high performance player. Pretty much everyone wants to pick you first for the team.

  • Love to own your projects and can take ideas and run with them.

  • Adore a fast-paced environment. If you have a cool idea, we'll roll it out in the following week. Seriously! It's all about having fun, implementing your rad ideas, and making cool stuff happen.

  • Bonus: you understand the concept of alignment and energy.



  • Photoshop.

  • Videography.

  • Instagram strategy.

  • Squarespace.

  • Bonus: YouTube strategy. (Or willingness to learn).


Time & salary:

  • You'll be on contract to begin. You'll have about 8 - 16 hours per week of work and there is an opportunity to go full time.

  • You can work remotely! You will be working with me directly as my sidekick and we'll be chatting via email and Slack.

  • Open to the possibilities of your salary! You will be paid in Canadian dollars with some sort of bonus structure for your work. So, if you find a genius way to sell 1M+ worth of Your Conscious Empire, you'll DEFS get compensated for that fo sho.



  • If this sounds like you, please send me a message to thekellytrachteam (at) gmail (dot) com with your name, your experience, your website, instagram handle, your top 3 favorite brands, a writing sample, and how fun you are to work with. I'll be in touch if you're an aligned fit!