What it's Like Working with Me as Your Coach

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Curious? Listen to what Kristy Vail has to share!


It's a divine treat to have Kristy Vail on the podcast! She's an interior designer doing really cool work in the world. Kristy is all about doing work with intention, creating spaces that are aligned with your soul, and doing design in the new way.

Plus, Kristy is also one of my business coaching clients! So, you'll also get a sneak peek into what it's like to work with me. Kristy is one of my clients who's gone above and beyond and decided to seriously step up and make the magic happen in her business. In our two months of working together, she asked the universe for a sign, handed in her resignation letter, and is going full-time on her own interior design firm Kristy Vail Studio this fall.

I LOVE people who raise their hand and say "OMG YES" to their dreams. I'm beyond proud of her and if you're looking to level up your life, you'll totally want to tune in and hear what Kristy has to share about jumping into the void and going for it. 'Cause remember - the universe rewards the brave!


Listen to this podcast interivew:


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