What is Life Coaching with Me Like?

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What exactly is life coaching?


So I wanted to answer this question that I get a lot (and don't worry you aren't the only one!)

"What is life coaching and what exactly do you do, Kelly?" Today, I'm answering just that.

Life coaching is often confused with therapy, counseling, and dealing with the past. My life coaching in particular has an empasis on where you are in the present moment and helping you steer towards your future.


You'll learn:

- How life coaching is different than therapy or counseling.

- Why the "mindset work" is and what I teach.

- That life coaching is a lot like Olympic level coaching with the goal of moving you from good to great.

- How my take on life coaching is about guiding you to your own answer versus giving advice.



Explore one on one life coaching

Crack your definition of what's possible wide open.

If you're ready to redefine life on your terms, banish the fear doubt, and worry, and live your best life, I am so excited to guide you. 


Or, learn at your own pace

In my self-study course, Your Best Life, I'll teach you the simple tools you need to master your mindset, release your fear, doubt and worry, conquer your self-limiting beliefs and step into who you really are.