Traveling with Celiac Disease

Traveling with Celiac Disease. The Wild Manifesto. How to travel with celiac disease. how to travel gluten free

Maybe you're a little worried about what the eff you're going to eat in Italy, France, and China? 


Traveling with celiac disease can be a challenge.


Pasta, bread, and soy sauce anyone?


I lived in Paris for half a year - which is basically the land of cheese, bread, and wine. And I’m plant-based, celiac, and don’t drink. But, I made it work!


Yes, it will require a little Googlin’ in advance, but it is genuinely doable.


Travel tips for peeps with dietary restrictions & celiac disease:


  • Print out these travel cards in different languages that explain what celiac disease is and what you cannot eat. Then, simply hand it over to the waiter. 


  • Alternatively, write out your dietary restrictions and use Google Translate. Then, print out the text in multiple languages to share with the waiter. Make sure you write out the things you can eat too.  


  • Peruse Yelp and Google for restaurants like-minded travelers suggest and research ahead of time. Sometimes looking for lunch spontaneously can get overwhelming.


  • Write down all the places you want to visit on a map and circle them, especially if you are going off the grid or somewhere with few wifi hotspots. You don’t wanna be hungry and try to explain gluten-free in a foreign language.


  • Make breakfast at home. That morning meal can be the most challenging abroad since wheat flour tends to be the norm in pancakes, pastries, and toasts. Do some DIY brekkie in your Airbnb and get some nourishing grub in your body instead of scouring the streets for a gluten-free and plant-based brunch. 


  • Pack snacks. In my bag, I’ve always got a back of nuts and dried fruit (just in case I can’t find anything to eat).


  • Load up on snacks at the grocery store when you pass by one. It's nice to have some grub on hand - like dairy-free yogurts, hummus, veg, and fruit.


  • Plus, bring a few zip lock bags. Perfect for a handful of nosh to nibble on.

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Peace, love, and safe travels!