The Power of Saying No

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Your yes is only as strong as your no. 


Your "no" is powerful.

It's making space for what you do want. And, the more you say no to others, the more you can make room for your own desires.

This is all about shifting your mind a few degrees and realizing that when you say "no," this is actually an invitation for a "yes" somewhere else in your life. 

So, for all of my people pleasers out there, I've got a 'lil treat for you today. Tune in and learn how to say "no" gently and yet still hold your ground to make space for what you really do want instead. 


In today's video, get clear on how to say "no" gracefully, but also like you're effing serious. (It's a fine art).


You'll learn:

- How to craft the perfect "no" statement so you that you can turn down a request like a pro.

- That your yes is only as strong as your no. And if you say "yes" to everything, it's not very powerful when you do. But, if you say "no" then your word is so much stronger when you say "yes."

- That "no" is an invitation for "yes." When you say "no" to one thing, you are making room for what you do want instead.

- How to use your boundary statement. 

- My Mean Girls reference that's a perfect metaphor for this topic. (And yes, you're welcome). 


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