The Heart & Feelings Based Answer

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This is the voice you turn to when you need the true, definitive answer.

Your brain and your heart are always giving you their two cents. And yes, most answers will require some combination of the two in order to make a good choice.

But sometimes, we are taught to lean into the logical, rational brain and abandon any sort of "touchy feely" stuff. 


What looks good on paper.

What makes logical sense.

What is the cheapest.

What the hard data states.




What feels right.

What feels like the best choice for my body.

What option makes me feel physically at ease.

What I can't really explain in words or numbers, but I feel.


So, when you need your big, bold questions answered, what approach do you take?

You take the feelings-based approach. It's the one based on your bodily instinct which in turn, is truly a combination of the soul, brain, and your gut.


In today's video, learn how to take the feelings-based approach when navigating a big choice.


You'll learn:

- How to clue into your bodily sensations.

- How to listen for what your body and the nervous system in your gut is trying to tell you.

- That the stronger you cultivate this inner knowingness, the stronger it gets and it's by far one of the most powerful tools and the closest thing to a crystal ball that us mere morals get on planet earth.


If you truly want to explore how this approach can shift your life, then welcome to Your Best Life.


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If it feels like a whole body "yes!" then do it.

If you are excited but scared you should totally come anyways. If you're in this group and you make the choice to consciously go for it, you're going to get the biggest payoff from this.

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