The Best Gluten-Free Restaurants Around The World

Who doesn’t love to trek the globe?


The best gluten-free restaurants, hidden gems, and tucked away hole-in-the-walls are listed right here! AMEN!

I’m basically one of those people who plans their vacation entirely around food, so here’s a roundup of my fav picks. 

Paris, France:


  • Wild and the Moon. Plant-based, gluten free, vegan. Plus they have an organic juice bar. It's hip and amazing.
  • Chambelland. I cried tears of joy eating here at this boulangerie. The bread is life changing. Not even making that sh*t up.
  • Cafe Coutume. Great gluten free tortes and brownies made of almond flour. Well accompanied by excellent and strong, french coffee.
  • Hank Burger. Gluten free buns and vegan patties. Hello, yummy!


Rome, Italy:


  • Voglia Di Pizza. YOU HAVE TO EAT HERE. Best pizza I’ve ever had in my life. It is a hole-in-the-wall, but the pizza crust is unreal.


Florence, Italy:



Prague, Czech Republic:


  • Maitrea. Vegetarian cuisine with eastern influences. Ate here three times in one weekend.


Copenhagen, Denmark:


  • Naturbageriet. Ask for the “gluten frit” things!
  • Torvehallerne Market - There are lots of places here to eat! Also, very beautiful. Lots of local, organic foods and small vendors. I could spend hours here!
  • Andersen Bakery. They have gluten free cannolis! When was the last time you had one of those? To die for.


Sydney, Australia:


  • Pana Chocolate. Vegan cheesecake and chocolate!
  • Earth to Table. Raw vegan noms. Man oh man, are their cakes pretty!
  • M Deli. It's in Tamarama, near Bondi. Loads of gluten-free muffins, pancakes, and perfect for a good brunch brekkie. Plus, they have almond and coconut milk for coffee too.


San Francisco, California:


  • Mariposa. The best cinnamon buns. Ever. You have to get them before they are all gone around 11am.
  • DOSA. The best south Indian food I’ve ever had in my life. Their Filmore location has an entirely gluten-free section in their kitchen.
  • Nourish Cafe. Amazing buddha bowls and sweet treats. Perfect for brunch!
  • Bread SRSLY. Gluten free, vegan sourdough bread. Yummo.
  • Gracias Madre. Vegan & vegetarian Mexican food with communal tables and cool people.  
  • The Plant Organic Cafe. Organic, vegan, tons of gluten free choices. A good staple.


Los Angeles, California:



Santa Barbara, California:



Oahu, Hawaii:


  • The Kailua Whole Food Market. Oahu doesn’t have a ton for folks like me, so I usually stock up here and make food at home.
  • Also, fresh papayas count as a legit snack that should be consumed twice a day in my opinion. So darn good!


Vancouver, British Columbia:


  • Vij’s. Indian.They don’t take reservations. Rumor has it that Bill Clinton even had to wait in line.
  • Rangoli. Indian. This is my top pick for restaurants in Vancouver. It's the twin sister to Vij’s and also less expensive and less wait time.
  • Banana Leaf. Malaysian fare. The assam curry is my fav and bursting with tamarind and bold flavors.  
  • La Taqueria. Vegan tacos! Delish toppings too.
  • Fable Kitchen. Local, farm to table meals. The menu changes with the season and their service is great!
  • Tractor. On the go quinoas, soups, and sandwiches. Everything is well labeled, so you don’t have to ask a million questions - which is much appreciated!
  • The Green Moustache. 100% vegan, gluten-free, and raw food. A solid two thumbs up.


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