Staying In Your Own Lane

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Stop doing shoulder checks on other people's lives.


Are you looking checking out what other's are doing with their life? And then, making decisions for yours?


Oh, she's going to Bali?

They just moved in together?

Woah, he got that new job in NYC. How much is he making?

Oh man, should I be doing that too?

Am I doing the right thing by staying at this gig?

Am I on track too?

Am I falling behind?

Why is everyone else so far ahead of me?


Trying to figure out your life by analyzing other people's lives is like reading a map of China when you're traveling in India. 


It will show you some roads, but it's nowhere close to where you are right now and it's wildly unproductive. Leading your life from the outside in is backwards.


We grow up learning that we need to compare ourselves to each other, that we'll be graded against each other, that only one person can be valedictorian, and that there are a select number of golden tickets for the "successful ones." Whoever made up those lame rules clearly knew nothing about the abundance mindset and the fact that we all have our own divine calling. 


In today's video, you'll learn how to stay in your own lane and lead your life from the inside out. 


You'll learn:

- That keeping tabs on other people is a waste of time.

- That nobody is keeping score with you, so you might as well do what you want. 

- That if you follow someone else's journey too closely, you'll end up in the wrong place. 

- Where ever you are right now on your journey, it's a part of your unfolding, so don't sweat it too much. Keep your two hands on the steering wheel and stay in your own lane.


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