Brand New? Start Here!

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Howdy, pal! I'm so glad to have you here.




Hey, friend! I've healed the chronic inflammation and pain from my leaky gut, IBS, and autoimmune disease. I had a difficult time getting a diagnosis and maybe some of my symptoms will sound like yours!


What's this site all about?


It's all about giving you the tools to live your best life. I believe in plant-based, anti-inflammatory food, using science-based strategies, and building a mindset that’s conducive to healing. Not meds. Natural, non-invasive self-healing is possible and I break it all down into tangible, actionable steps that are simple to follow.


I'm looking for 1:1 support, can you help me?


Yep, sure can! Check out my coaching here.


I'm new to a plant-based lifestyle, where should I start?


Just start with one meal. You don’t need to make a million changes at once and flip your whole diet around in one day. Giving plant-based and gluten-free food a try with my super-easy, go-to breakfast is simple.


Healing feels overwhelming. Where can I begin?


Trying one mindfulness tactic to help you escape those downward spirals. Healing can be frustrating. So, here are some tools you can use to ditch your fears about being sick forever. Or, read this post on learning to surrender.


I think I also have allergies like you. What's next?


Learning how to figure out your food allergies and sensitivities through an elimination diet will be a game changer for anyone who feels off. This will help you let the inflammation in your body subside and allow you to get clear on the foods that bother you.


What kind of kitchen tools, books & medical literature do you recommend?


If you are new to eating whole foods and nutrient dense meals, here's my collection of favorite kitchen items, plant-based and gluten-free cookbooks, and functional medicine literature to help you thrive.