Show Up on the Days When it's Not Sexy: The Compound Effect & How Small Actions Pay Off

Show Up on the Days When it's Not Sexy The Compound Effect & How Small Actions Pay Off - Kelly Trach.jpg

Showing up when you can’t see any signs of success.


I want to talk about the most underrated, non-sexy thing for everyone who’s on the journey right now. It’s the piece that 99% of people don’t talk about: showing up when you can’t see any signs of success.


One thing I talk a lot about on my podcast or my coaching sessions is this concept of understanding that even though nothing is happening and just because you can't see it, it doesn't mean it doesn't exist.


Change can feel like it’s taking forever and I know that at the moment, it can feel like we are just doing the day in and day out of the same stuff. A little bit of email, getting your coffee, having a coaching call, going to work or whatever your day today looks like.


And it can feel like nothing is really happening.


And then you are sitting there thinking: “what the literal hell? Where is my change? Where is my big sexy change? When is a change going to roll in?” And you're waiting for change to show up. 

I want to explain the compound effect and how things take time.


This is something that gets really overlooked in this concept of on-demand, one-hour delivery, and I call this: “Amazon Priming Our Dreams.”


 There is a reason why people say it takes 10-years to become an overnight success. Because it has to do a lot with showing up on the days when it doesn't feel like it is a success.


I work with people who are entrepreneurs, people that have their own company, high-end coaching clients, and executives. A huge part of going to next level in your life is understanding that new things take time.


It's because all seeds have a gestation period.


When you are making a new project, when you are implementing a new plan, creating a new program, or starting your first podcast there is a gestation period. Everything blooms right on time.


But, often when you are planting the seeds and you look in the pot - you just see the soil. And you are like: “wherein the dang hell is my flower? I just thought that if I put these seeds here everything is going to come?”


You're on the right track. Watch this:


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