Rad Stuff Weekly: resources + recipes for you to try this week

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Going inside to figure out what's going on outside. 


Fall is always a phase of transition.


It gives us the space to slow down and tune in. 


I don't know about you, but this last week I've been feeling the transition. Yes, I'm hauling out my wooly turtleneck, but I'm also feeling the call to go inwards this fall. Do you also feel like you're changing colors like the leaves from verdant green to auburn and gold?


Anyone else feeling the transition?


Use this time to reflect, rewrite the rules, and shake some stuff up a bit. Or perhaps you need to enroll in something new - like a new set of beliefs even. 


This roundup is chalked-full of resources to support your transition from whatever you're relinquishing. Maybe it's busyness and you'll check out Shauna Niequist's video below. Or, maybe it's your self-limiting beliefs around money and you need Jen Sincero's wisdom below. 

What is Rad Stuff Weekly?


Each week, I share with you a few plant-based meals that look divine, resources I'm loving, and recommendations for you to explore. These mini posts are for you to:


+ get inspired by delicious meals (versus eating spoonfuls of almond butter and calling it dinner).

+ feel supported by your like-minded tribe out there with blog posts, books, and podcasts.

+ deepen your knowledge with resources that enable you to live your best life. 

Plant-based, nutrient-dense & GF gems:




The Melissa Ambrosini Show: Relationship Goals with Chris & Lori Harder


If you need a little nudge and guidance on communicate with your partner or pal, this episode is worth a listen. I'm pretty sure we all need a PhD in human-to-human communication skills. 


Magic Lessons: The Action is Right hEre


Rob Bell + Elizabeth Gilbert = divine wisdom on getting present. Often, we wish, we wait, and we think we'll be FINALLY happy when your goal happens. Rob Bell explains that the action is right here, in the present moment.



Rock Your Bliss: Sign Up for Soul School


If you're looking for some guidance, scroll on over to Rock Your Bliss. I wrote a piece about growing into myself and transitioning out of my old ways.

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mindbodygreen: I Tried Everything To Heal My Gut. These Are The 6 Things That Actually Made A Difference


If you're looking to transition this fall into a new realm of healing, read my full guest post here on mindbodygreen and start with some simple steps. It's at over 800+ shares - holy moly, thanks folks! (Plus major love to everyone who's told me that it really resonated with them!)

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If you're feeling like you've got 60 hours of work that you've gotta cross off in 24 hours, listen to this interview with Shauna Niequist, author of Present over Perfect

Books + Cookbooks:

Moving into fall, I'm spending more time back into the kitchen. This cookbook is predominantly plant-based and gluten-free. And 100% stunning. Sarah Britton makes everything delicious and beautiful. 

Jen Sincero, wow, she is my kind of author. If you read my book, I discuss how my self-limiting beliefs around money held me back from healing. If you feel the same, read this book & blast through your blocks. Both are great reads & I just devouted them. 



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