Rad Stuff Weekly: resources + recipes for you to try this week

Summer socials are in full swing. 


Here are some recipes to bring with you to please the whole crowd, not just the gluten-free, dairy-free, refined sugar-free people. Like, this gem above from Minimalist Baker!


Plus,  I've shared some resources to help you navigate sticky situations and keep your mindset strong, even when Aunt Gertrude asks you why aren't eating her glutinous cake.

What is Rad Stuff Weekly?


Each week, I share with you a few plant-based meals that look divine, resources I'm loving, and recommendations for you to explore. These mini posts are for you to:


+ get inspired by delicious meals (versus eating spoonfuls of almond butter and calling it dinner).

+ feel supported by your like-minded tribe out there with blog posts, books, and podcasts.

+ deepen your knowledge with resources that enable you to live your best life. 



Magic Lessons with Elizabeth Gilbert: Brene Brown on big, strong magic


Cause sometimes you just need a little wisdom (read: a shit ton of wisdom) from Brene Brown and Liz Gilbert. Having the courage to live your values, show up fully expressed, and make life changes takes effort, vulnerability, and a lot of resilience.  Listen in. 



The Lively Show: The most powerful way to change unwanted thoughts


If your self-talk has been a little subpar lately, this episode will help get your thoughts in tip-top shape. I've listened to this episode three times already 'cause it was THAT good and I strongly believe in the power of mastering your mind. Listen here.


The GF Girlfriends Podcast: Kelly Trach on becoming a master of your body. 


We chit chat about how to develop the abundance mindset and a few ways to whip it out when things get hard. We also explore the importance of setting boundaries, practicing gratitude and how to master your mind.

Books + Cookbooks:


This week, I've finally got my hands on two books I've been wanting to read. 

The Plant Paradox is about lectins and how they exacerbate autoimmune conditions. I've heard lots of stellar things about this book and as someone with celiac disease, leaky gut, and a handful of allergies, this sounds really helpful.

I've never read Louise Hay before, so I'm diving in! There is a lot of good reminders in here. Like, not taking on other people's crap and parting with your self-limiting beliefs. Which is something I wholeheartedly agree with and also share in Control Alt Delete: The Mindset Reboot.

P.S. There's a sale this week!


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