Rad Stuff Weekly: resources + recipes for you to try this week

There are a lot of golden nuggets in here. 

Brace yourself.  


Get your earbuds and get your dried apricots. We've got juicy podcasts to listen to and no-bake bars to make. 

What is Rad Stuff Weekly?


Each week, I share with you a few plant-based meals that look divine, resources I'm loving, and recommendations for you to explore. These mini posts are for you to:


+ get inspired by delicious meals (versus eating spoonfuls of almond butter and calling it dinner).

+ feel supported by your like-minded tribe out there with blog posts, books, and podcasts.

+ deepen your knowledge with resources that enable you to live your best life. 

Plant-based, nutrient-dense & GF gems:


No Bake Apricot Bars (oat-free!) by Salted Plains (on the left)

Saucy Portabello  & Butternut Squash Tacos by Minimalist Baker (middle)

- Tomato and Zucchini Spaghetti with Avocado Sauce by Pinch of Yum (on the right!)



Earn Your Happy: How to Slow Down Time with Drew Canole. 


Drew Canole + Lori = magic. I loved listening to these two connect. There are many nuggets on how food is transformational and why a positive mindset is essential. Preaching to the choir over here!



The Joy Junkie Show: How to Stop Feeling Guilty


Guilt is an interesting one. I often find myself feeling guilty and taking on other people's shit (even though I know better). Here's a good tune-up for my fellow people pleasers. 



The Chasing Joy Podcast: The Long Road to Healing Yourself Inside and Out. 


I LOVED connecting with Georgie from In it for the Long Run. She's real, so human, and she's totally my kind of person.

Listen to us chit chat about self-comparison, building a community when you have nobody, and leaning into the abundance mindset.


Books + Cookbooks:


Eckhart has been on the bedside table for a few weeks. He's highly enlightened and let's just say there's a reason why he sold a million copies of The Power of Now. His other book is just as profound. 


I'm also reading The Love and Lemons Cookbook. All the recipes include substitutions to be gluten-free and plant-based. So, this is the kind of cookbook you can share with your sis who still loves goat cheese and wants it on her salad. 


All the love,