Rad Stuff Weekly: resources + recipes for you to try this week

Panini by Dear Kitchen.jpg

White Hot Truth (& avocado paninis). 


A stellar take on avocado toast, served with a side of White Hot Truth


Ummmm, YES.


That sounds like my version of heaven.


Here are a few of my fav things that will rock your world, keep your belly full, and inspire you. 

What is Rad Stuff Weekly?


Each week, I share with you a few plant-based meals that look divine, resources I'm loving, and recommendations for you to explore. These mini posts are for you to:


+ get inspired by delicious meals (versus eating spoonfuls of almond butter and calling it dinner).

+ feel supported by your like-minded tribe out there with blog posts, books, and podcasts.

+ deepen your knowledge with resources that enable you to live your best life. 

Plant-based, nutrient-dense & GF gems:




One Part Podcast: Going After What You Want With Laila Ali


Real talk on starting with where you're at and being your own person (p.s. she's the daugher of Muhammad Ali). This one was perfect alongside my Saturday morning cup of joe. 


Rich Roll Podcast: Meditation Master Sharon Salzberg On Real Love & The Art of Mindful Connection


“You can search throughout the entire universe for someone who is more deserving of your love and affection than you are yourself, and that person is not to be found anywhere. You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” - Sharon Salzberg. This was beautiful and so rich in knowledge. Worth a listen!


Real Talk Radio: Esmé Weijun Wang on Writing, Productivity Anxiety, and Living with Chronic Illness


To hear more about boundaries, self-care, and putting yourself first #IRL, tune in. I loved Esme's first interview with Nicole and this one was just as great. As someone who also deals with chronic illness, I could really relate to what Esme shared. I also had the same feelings after my book came out and I would crack it open from time to time to just make sure that it was "still good." You can listen right here.



Viet Vu: Bi the way, we exist TEDxTerryTalks


Viet shares about how anyone can have a tangible impact on someone’s life by choosing to care. I met Viet as a BBQ this weekend and I loved hearing his story and about the cool things he's up to in the world, so I wanted to share this one with you. His TEDx talk is worth a listen. It's such a powerful reminder. (P.S. tell someone that you love them today, ok?)

Books + Cookbooks:


I FINALLY am reading White Hot Truth. (I know, I know, I'm late to the game). And yes, it's really good. And yes, I'm head-nodding to everything she's saying. I already told you last week that I've been soaking up all the Danielle LaPorte goodness like a sponge!


I'm also reading this memoir for Jacki Carr's Novel Grapes book club. (Also, late to the game, but oh well!) It's a nice reminder of how important it is to have community, tribe, and sisterhood. 




All the love,