Rad Stuff Weekly: resources + recipes for you to try this week

Birthdays, cookbooks + goals. 


Holy moly has August seen a lot of those three things listed above.


For starters, I'm making a cookbook, which means listening to podcasts from dawn to dusk (because the kitchen gets lonely at times and my tahini jar doesn't cut it as a friend). 


Plus, it was my birthday, so that means I'm on a bit of a Danielle LaPorte bender, so bear with me. More on that below. 


What is Rad Stuff Weekly?


Each week, I share with you a few plant-based meals that look divine, resources I'm loving, and recommendations for you to explore. These mini posts are for you to:


+ get inspired by delicious meals (versus eating spoonfuls of almond butter and calling it dinner).

+ feel supported by your like-minded tribe out there with blog posts, books, and podcasts.

+ deepen your knowledge with resources that enable you to live your best life. 

Plant-based, nutrient-dense & GF gems:





Real Talk Radio: Ashley Williams on Change, Veganism, and Volunteering for Obama


I LOVE Nicole Antionette's show and this episode was especially stellar this season. It's so powerful to know that there is ALWAYS something you can do to instigate change. And, I listened to Nicole's latest season in two days. 'Cause I've been making a cookbook and I need some like-minded company in the kitchen.  

Listen here. 



Being Boss: White Hot Truth with Danielle Laporte


For my fellow seekers, this one is for you. It's about embracing the paradoxes (like having an open gentle heart AND a big fucking fence), evolving as a person, and the importance of doing the work. I'm on a Danielle LaPorte bender and this has been one of my favorite interviews so far. Listen up, peeps. Grab that Moleskine. 


Books + Cookbooks:


August is my birthday month, so that means taking my whole birthday week to do The Desire Map. Which is (if you haven't noticed) my most recommended book of all time.

August is my Jan 1st, so there is a lot of rebirth and evolution in my world over here. Meaning more goals and a lot more soul. Oh, and a lot more Danielle LaPorte because I get really (read: REALLYYYY) obsessed with her work. I'm talking, next-level and in-love kind of obessed. 


P.S. Click the book above to shop! My #IRL book on the right that I posted on Instagram


Hardwiring Happiness is a little read I found at the library. Cause you know, I am all about living in the positive lane. (More on that in Control Alt Delete: The Mindset Reboot). Plus, I always love science and studies to prove that this stuff really works. 

All the love,