2 Plant-Based Cookbooks Perfect for Newbies

If you are new to plant-based eating, the cooking part can feel like a really big question mark.


It's like one big abyss of the unknown.  


And coconut oil.


One Part Plant

This is by far, my #1 recommendation for you. 

Perfect for the beginners. It's really simple, always delicious, and when you don't know how to make a chia "egg," this cookbook is your guide. 

Jessica is relatively new to the plant-based world too and that's why I love her. She was in your shoes not that long ago. 

There are great outlines on how to shop, what all those fancy ingredients mean, and real life input on what it like to shift your eating patterns. Jessica gets you. And yes, this is the cookbook I've shared so many times on Instagram stories.

The Plantpower Way

Rich Roll is an ultra endurance athlete and Ironman who is entirely vegan. His wife Julie is an amazing cook and creates these incredible means that are sustaining, nutrient-dense, and tasty. 

Perfect for the folks that want hearty meals that everyone will like (including meat eaters). Especially if you are trying to please a crowd at a big family function where you know there will be a kerfuffle. 

It's also really, really delish. If you want an inspiration bomb, this is it.  

Read all of these? 

Try plant-based food for 3 days with this quick guide I made for you. 


All the love,