PASSION into PROFIT: how to start your online biz & earn your first 10K in sales


You can make serious cash doing what you desire. Let me show you.


Looking for a place to start?

I know, I know, the amount of info online is overwhelming and confusing and so dang conflicting.

Today, I’m teaching YOU how to start making a living doing what you love — and in true Kelly Trach fashion with some honest, actionable, legit steps you can walk away with.

learn how to start a business:

  • How to start taking your zones of genius and turn them into a business.

  • How to figure out what you should do for a living (and how you can test to see if it's going to be profitable).

  • How to start testing and validating your idea BEFORE you even make a product, get legal work done, or open a business bank account. I call this The Silicon Valley Approach and it's something you learn when you enroll in Your Conscious Empire.


  • How exactly you can start earning money from your business.

  • How to create your first product and price it correctly. (+ The power of high-end products versus selling cheaper items).

  • How to start building a scalable marketing platform so that you're creating an online follow that you can support with your knowledge (and your paid products).

  • How to sell to your community and serve them at the same time.

Learn how to do the inner work:

  • How to innately own your worth and create the best damn products in the world.

  • How to overcome your imposter syndrome and stop worrying that you aren’t “good enough.”

  • How to master your money mindset, get into the vibrational match of money, and overcome your scarcity mindset so you can start earning concious cash.


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