Owning vs. Earning Your Worthiness

Owning versus Earning Your Worth by Kelly Trach.jpg

Do you feel worthy as is? Or only if you earn it?


Quite often, we seek external validation and approval for our worth.


The high-paying job.

The promotion.

The "good job" and kind compliments. 

The pat on the back. 

The affection from others.


Today, we're talking about how you can OWN your worth. 


You'll Learn:

- How to tell if you need external validation in order to feel worthy and if you've been seeking that in your life.

- Common examples of "earning" worthiness - like not feeling worthy of a good night's sleep because you didn't get enough stuff done today.

- How to own your worthiness and develop this internal validation so that it can come from within you. 


If you are ready to own personal power and step into your light, welcome to Your Best Life.


Your Best Life is an 8-week online training program that shows you step-by-step how to craft a life you truly love by building the right mindset and redefining your relationship with yourself. This course is all about doing the inner work so you can show up fully expressed as who you really are. 


Dive in and own it.

Your Best Life™
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