Navigating The Scarcity Mindset

Ditching the scarcity mindset is the most freeing thing you can do with your life. 


It will crack your view of what's possible wide open.


And choosing to focus on the love instead of the fear is perhaps the greatest gift you can give yourself. Foregoing the fixed belief that good things are scarce will completely shift the way you think - forever.


If these narratives sound familiar, your scarcity mindset might be in full force:


  • “I can’t eat anything.”
  • “There is nothing here that I can have.”
  • “I can’t find anything at this store.”
  • "There is no good food for me to eat."
  • "Everyone else is getting beautiful pies and pastries and I've got zilch, zip, nada."


I believed that “good food” that I could enjoy was scarce. And when it was available, I binged on it because I never knew if I could have it again. It was very much an eat-the-whole-cake kinda scenario.  It's taken me years to master (and still workin' on it every day) but this is the one tactic that can elevate your life -  guaranteed.


How to shift your mindset:


#1. Talk about what you CAN eat versus what you CAN NOT.


Focus on what's working. The more you talk about all the things you can eat, you'll realize how vast your meals can really be. This tactic enables you to see the abundance of your life too. One of my best friends called me out in the grocery store when I was hella hangry and couldn’t find something “Kelly-friendly.” He said: “make my life easier and tell me what you can eat. Light bulb moment right there.


#2. Shift your media intake.


Feel uplifted instead of isolated. So, surround yourself with more of the good stuff. Spend time accumulating recipes on Pinterest that you can actually eat. It will make you feel giddy scrolling through all this delish food that you can devour. Plus, when I do this, it reminds me how diverse my diet really is. Also, stop ogling the foodie accounts that made you feel left out. Instead, tag along and followed other plant-based pals and choose to see more of the love. Hello, good vibes!


#3. Set daily reminders to choose a mindset of abundance versus one of scarcity.


I use Gabby Bernstein’s trick and set an alarm at noon (a.k.a. lunch hour when the hunger pangs strike) and it chimes away with an alert saying “choose love over fear” (with a zillion little star emojis). It's a small act but helps me get into the right headspace and shift my mindset. 


#4. Believe that you have enough time.


I 100% have the scarcity mindset about time. “There aren’t enough hours in the day to cook, so I'll take this protein bar for lunch.” I had to get real with myself and admit that I was giving priority to all this other sh*t in my life and not my well-being. If it's important to you, you’ll make it happen. Try carving out time in your calendar for making a meal. Schedule in 5 minutes, set the timer and see what you can toss together. Chances are, you'll be able to accomplish more than you realize. See? Enough time! Abundance happens when you look for it.

The most rad thing about shifting your mindset is that it will end up altering your perspective on everything. In the best way possible. 

Ready to clean up your noggin for good?

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Peace, love, and wishing you a whole lotta good feels!