My Top 3 All-Time Favorite Books

Favorite Books by Kelly Trach.png

Books that will shift the way you live forever.


These are the books I refer to over and over and over again. These three women have transformed my life in a way that's almost beyond words - from my desires, to how I show up in the world to my bank account.

I lead this work for a reason - because I love it and because it's my obsession. I don't know anyone else who loves development more than I do.

It's literally what I think about from the moment I wake up, to when I get into alignment by listening to a Jen Sincero video, to the mindset work I teach my clients, to what I share on the podcast, to what I listen to on YouTube as I make dinner, and what I read in my bed going to sleep each night. And no, I don't ever get tired of it.

When you choose to crack open a self-help book, you're consciously choosing to lead your life in another way. You're unearthing your personal power. These teachers are the guides which give you the answers to the questions that are already inside of you. They just point it out for you.

And it's wildly liberating. 'Cause, at the end of the day, liberation is what we're all aiming for.

A good book can crack it all open for you and show you the path. And in these three videos, I'm showing you why these three books shifted it all for me. 


#1: The Desire Map

Danielle LaPorte. Goddess divine. My #1. Okay, I love this woman. She's beyond powerful and she really does write like fire. This one book shifted my entire perspective on life as a whole. There is something about Danielle that I just can't get enough of  - maybe it's her white hot sermons on life, maybe it's her embodiment of the divine feminine, or just the fact that every thing she says really is a total truth bomb.


#2: You Are A Badass At Making Money

Jen Sincero has changed my life a million times over. If you listen to the podcast, I reference this book all the time and that's because it's been truly transformational. Jen Sincero is my soul sister, my twin flame, and my spirit animal. I literally can't get enough of her. I've listened to everything she's ever made, I read her books serious once a month, and I've watched pretty much every single interview she's ever done. I'm hooked. She's one of my greatest teachers. Jen has transformed my life. (Oh, and my bank account). 


#3: The Gifts of Imperfection 

I can't forget Brene - I mean, where would we all be without her? I am who I am because Brene taught me that it was okay to be myself. (FYI: being your real self is the most effective formula for success there is). This book speaks so much truth into existence. If you haven't read it, get in paperback 'cause you're going to want to highlight the shit out of it. Brene, I owe you everything. Thank you.


I hope you love these three just as much as I do. Let me know your favs over on Instagram.


All the love,