My Go-To Boundary Statement

My Go-To Boundary Statement by Kelly Trach.jpg

Your 3-step formula for any situation.


Boundaries. Boy, oh boy. 

We could write whole essays about these bad boys. 

From Brene Brown to self-help books to doing this work #IRL, the practice of setting and upholding boundaries can feel awkward and uneasy.


Master your boundary statement with my go-to formula in today's video.


You'll learn:

- How to set a boundary.

- When you need to set a boundary. 

- How to handcraft your own boundary statement that's polite, yet lovingly firm. 

-  The boundary formula that I always rely on. It's simple to memorize, it's quick, and you can use it for all scenarios. It's the one I use in my own life and the one I teach to my coaching clients


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