My All-Time Fav Podcasts

Ok, let's get to the good stuff. 


I'm a full-on podcast junkie. 


I've also shared before that podcasts are a super simple way to get support and feel like you've got a like-minded tribe out there without even leaving your house. 


(Oh, and if you're wondering, I was listening to Magic Lessons in that photo above). 


Self-Help & Personal Development:


- Lori Harder's Earn Your Happy

  • Short and sweet mini segments.
  • Loads of tangible tips to implement.
  • Lori is so positive. I can feel her positivity come through the microphone and it makes me feel genuinely uplifted. 
  • It's super clear that she has DONE the work and preaches what she practices. And, I love getting support from someone who knows what it's like to be in my shoes. 


- Amy E. Smith (& Mr. Smith's) The Joy Junkie Show

  • Ok, Amy E. Smith is my life coach on audio. I have listened to ALL of Amy's show. 
  • Their tag line: "your source for getting your shit together in love and life" is basically the best. Sign me up. 
  • I LOVE Amy's complete authenticity. She is so herself. 100% unfiltered straight talk and I soak it all up like a sponge. 
  • Their "would you rather" makes me actually laugh out loud on the bus. 

Spirituality, Quantum Physics & Developing Your Intuition:


- Jess Lively's The Lively Show

  • Jess Lively has taught me SO much about intuition and alignment. 
  • Jess' notion of "alignment before action" has been a game-changer for my work productivity. 
  • I also love the quantum physics and quantum living topics she shares. It's really fascinating. 


- Rob Bell's The RobCast

  • I got hooked on Rob after watching Everything is Spiritual.
  • Rob has mastered the craft of prose, public speaking, and the art of giving a sermon. He is captivating and I always laugh. 
  • I replace "God" with "the universe" when Rob talks, so feel free to sub in what you want. 

Real Talk, Human Conversations & Inspiring Guests:


- Nicole Antionette's Real Talk Radio

  • Nicole got me hooked on podcasts! My love for podcasts all started here when she interviewed Jacki Carr. 
  • She shines so true, so real, and so human. And, I love her for it. 
  • She really has inspired me to be more real in my everyday life and show up as myself for the world. 
  • This is one of my all-time favs. 


- Jacki Carr & Mary Beth LaRue's Rock Your Bliss Podcast

  • Ok, I have a serious, serious love for Jacki and MB. They are two of my favorite people on the internet. 
  • I took their 7 Weeks to Bliss Course  (which I found truly transformational) and I love being a part of the bliss tribe they are crafting.  
  • I think they are so magnetic because they show up as themselves and openly share that they are also doing the work alongside me. Plus, the "me toos" are endless. 
  • These two are like my wise, cool older sisters. I definitely count them in my soul tribe. 


- Rosie Acosta's Radically Loved Radio

  • Rosie can lead a conversation like Oprah. I am not even kidding you.
  • Her questions are deep, real, and she gets to the good stuff right away. Asking good questions is a true talent and art form. Rosie's got it!
  • The guests are always incredible and I feel like I'm sitting in the living room too. 
  • Plus, Rosie has the BEST laugh. 


- Katie Horwitch's WANTcast: The Women Against Negative Self Talk Podcast

  • After she rapped Drake for Jessica Murnane on one of her shows, I was like: "Who is this amazing human?" Then, I proceeded to download all of her episodes. 
  • Katie has great perspective and always has something insightful to share. 
  • I love when Katie calls bullshit on stuff too - I'm so into that. The world needs more people who stand up for what's needed.


- Katie Dalebout's Let It Out

  • Katie is so herself and it's always refreshing. I just love people who are so themselves and have the courage to show up fully expressed.  
  • Really stellar guests and she has people who I really want to listen to - like Danielle Laporte, Julie Piatt, Andrea Owen, Gabby Bernstein, and all those amazing folks. 
  • I love Katie's slant on spirituality and self-development. She's one of those people that knows that "doing the work" is the only real work that matters. 


- Georgie Morley's The Chasing Joy Podcast

  • Georgie is my kinda person! I love her truth-telling, real talk, and her vulnerability. 
  • I love listening to her and this show makes the every day a little bit better when I hear her posivity through my earbuds. 
  • I feel like the words "chasing joy" just sums up my life perfectly and I'm so lucky to call Georgie a friend!

For the Artists, Makers & Creators:


- Elizabeth Gilbert's Magic Lessons

  • I listened to ALL of Magic Lessons before launching my book
  • If you are a creative out there, listen to this podcast. It will help you get your stuff out there into the real world. Plus you'll learn that everyone's also afraid to do it too. Not just you. 
  • Liz Gilbert has some crazy good magic to share. Take her input and run with it. 


- Jessica Murnane's The Cookbook Deal

  • Fellow digital plant-based people on the interwebs, if you also have visions of cookbooks and sugarplums dancing in your head, listen to this one. 
  • If you want to know the behind-the-scenes of making a cookbook, subscribe to this mini series where Jessica details her process of making One Part Plant.  


- Emily Thompson & Kathleen Shannon's Being Boss

  • It's always nice to hear from loads of fellow creatives out there who are also doing the same thing and going through the same struggles. 
  • Super helpful real talk on self-comparison traps, putting your self-worth into your product sales and getting stuff started. 
  • Also - Kathleen did Brene Brown's website, so these two know what they are doing and I'm loving it. 
  • So badass, so real, and these are so my people!

How plant-based food can transform your life (+ bucket loads of inspiration):


- The Rich Roll Podcast

  • Holy cow, Rich Roll can ask questions and lead a conversation. 
  • Rich, his wife Julie, and his guests are an endless source of wisdom. Like, where can I sign up to be a dinner guest at his house? 
  • Rich also talks in-depth with thought leaders, doctors, and highly educated people who dish out the real facts. 
  • If you are looking for next-level Q&A and wisdom bombs, Rich is so your guy. 


- Jessica Murnane's One Part Podcast

  • When I was at the end of my journey in the SF tech scene, I listened to Jessica's podcast endlessly.  Like, I'm talking non-stop. I remember one morning, getting in my Uber to go downtown, and thinking: "Yeah, this is what I should be doing with my life." I was pretty much in love with everything Jessica shared, so that was my clue that perhaps my real passion was sharing my story to support others, not high-tech. 
  • Jessica used plant-based food to manage her endometriosis and I so resonate with her story. I also used food to heal myself (+ also thought that if gummy bears were fat-free, then I could eat the whole bag). We've both evolved since then. 
  • I see a new OPP downloaded, I'll defs listen to it first. This is a must listen. 


Australian people with accents I love:


- The Melissa Ambrosini Show

  • I do love her voice. I also love her message. 
  • If you haven't read her book, you probably should. 
  • She interviews lots of thought leaders on the topics of health, mindset, and love and she always glows with positivity and enthusaum when she does. 

Do you also love any of these? Or, do you have any others to share?

Cause you know, I'm always lookin' for more.

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All the love,