Is Your Ego or Soul Talking?

Is Your Ego or Soul Talking by Kelly Trach.jpg

Get clear on what your ego's voice sounds like versus the guidance of your soul. 


This would be a great intro when I meet someone at a cocktail party.

This brand's logo would look so great on my LinkedIn profile.

This would be the best Instagram selfie. Oooh yeah, and the lighting is really good on my cheek bones.




If no one was watching, I'd still do this anyways.

I truly love this regardless of what anyone else thinks.

I'm actually really happy living in this small farm town.


Your soul shares input all the time if you can tune in and hear it. In today's video, I'm showing you how to listen for that guidance.


You'll Learn:

- What the ego sounds like when it talks versus the soul.

- How your soul is actually super chill and it just wants you to be happy. 

- How following your soul's guidance will feel like one giant good 'ol sigh of relief.

- How to make a choice based on your soul's desires when you're faced with a choice and how to nurture that inner knowingness and deep awareness.


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