How to Tell the Empowering Story of Your Life & Build a Strong Mindset

How to Tell the Empowering Story of Your Life & Build a Strong Mindset - Kelly Trach.jpg

Are you narrating an empowering version of your life or playing the victim?


I used to fall prey to my disempowering view.


In high school, I would say things like:

  • “I am extremely busy." 
  • "My plate is so full." 
  • "I can't imagine how my life could get any busier in university.”


One of the things that I teach my coaching clients is this concept of active choice and that we choice in every single thing.


We actively pick our lives. We actively pick how many classes we take in high school. We actively pick how hard we're going to work on the project. We're going to pick if we give it 110%. We actively pick if we want to do extra volunteer work. We actively pick if we're going to work a part-time job while we're still in high school. 


Part of getting out of the victim mode means reclaiming that personal power through the lens of active choice.


Realize that you have chosen a lot of these things. So, the first step here is to understand that you picked a lot of this and that's totally okay because you can pick another thing. That is the beauty of this. If you don’t like what you have chose, you get to pick again.


You get a different life by doing different things & thinking different thoughts.


This is where the empowering view, lens, and story of your life comes into play. This is a perfect time to start using affirmations if speaks and calls to you.


Things like:

  • “I am free." 
  • "I am free to choose." 
  • "I am in charge of my life." 
  • "I have so much freedom in my life.”


Even when I say those things, it kind of gives me a sense of relief. That's literally what we're going for here. It's nothing too sexy or to glamorous -  it's literally just the sense of relief when you feel like your plate is really full. 


The stuff you think, do and say to yourself in your head all has a direct correlation with the outward expression of your life.


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