How to Overcome the Upper Limit Problem if You Self-Sabotage Your Success


Are you screwing it up for yourself?


As I have hit totally new, incredible levels of success in my business, I’ve noticed myself self-sabotaging. So, when you are also becoming wildly successful, use these two techniques to stop creating a glass ceiling for yourself.


In today's video, I am teaching you two life-changing affirmations that you should use when you get really successful and you feel like the other shoe is going to drop.


Now, I have experienced this in my personal life as my company has started to do really well and we've hit this point where things have started to get really incredible. I've come to this point which Gay Hendricks describes, in his book, The Big Leap as the Upper Limit Problem.


So what does this mean?

That means our body has a natural level of homeostasis and when our life gets really awesome, our body has a way of bringing us back down. It says: “this is your natural set point, this is your normal, this is your level of success, or love, or worth, or deservingness, or happiness, or money, or cash. And if you go any higher up you are going to have to come back down.” 

The Upper Limit Problem is when you somehow do something that puts you down, self-sabotages and decreases your success.


This can take many different shapes and forms: 

  • After a product launch, you get sick.
  • After you have that amazing party to celebrate your big promotion at work you, get into an argument with your partner.
  • As soon as you accept the award, you accidentally trip and fall even though you aren't a clumsy person.

Ready to turn it around? Watch this:


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