How to Get Support When You are Alone or Hella Busy

For whatever life throws at you, getting support is golden. 


The key to self-healing is having support, resources, tools, and rad humans around you to help cheer you on. It's about sticking with the people that make you feel stellar and having humans in your life that make you glow.


Ok, now there are two groups of people:


Group one: "I'm alone in this journey, so I am not sure where to get support."


I don't know who to reach out to.

I don't know anyone else with IBD.

I can't talk to my best friend because she won't really "get it."


Group two: "I'm really busy, so I don't have time to get support."


My inbox is full. 

My to-do list is freaking long. 

And I have zero spare time to see a therapist.


I get it. The modern world is buuuuuusy. (Or, as I prefer to say: full). 


Here are my strategies to get support without going out of your way:

Haul out your favorite books.


When I started my healing journey, I didn't have friends to reach out to or a tribe to chat with. It was me, living in a small Canadian suburb and I couldn't exactly call a pal to chat about #autoimmuneproblems. 


Books (specifically self-help books) were like my support group. Cause, I knew that these people understood what I was going through at some level. (My fav self-development books are here FYI!)


I recommend putting your favorite books in a place that you can access easily. I re-read Danielle Laporte’s The Desire Map and Brene Brown’s Daring Greatly all the time. I also leave them in my room where I can see them. Even when I notice them on the shelf, I get a small spark of happiness.


I also leave a book about the universe in the bathroom to crack open at a random page and read for some quick guidance. Plus, I leave my favorite plant-based cookbook (One Part Plant) on the dining room table so I'm inspired by delish food and people who have similar stories. 


Grab your earbuds & download podcasts.


Podcasts are free, take up zero extra time in your life (if you combine them with doing chores), and at 30 minutes to an hour a crack, you can soak up some serious wisdom in that timeframe.


If you are doing the laundry or commuting, then add an intentional dose of inspiring wisdom to make the mundane better. Plus, they might give you some new tips or perspective on your own healing. It's a really great way to find people who are talking about what you're going through.


I have made a lot of best friends through podcasts. And, when I say "best friends" I really mean a one-way relationship where I know so much about the other person that I FEEL like we are close pals.


It's like instant friends in your ears.  


And, I know you are going to ask. So here is a list of my all-time fav podcasts. 


Soak up your favorite instructor's good energy.


If you attend fitness classes already, check out a session with an incredible instructor. You know, those ones who have magnetic energy and you hope that if you hang around them enough, some of that awesomeness will be rubbed off on you.


For me, I just kept showing up to certain classes because I loved the instructor so much and who they were. I felt good being around them. And sometimes, that's exactly what you need when healing feels hard. (Zach, Matt, and Lucy - you three are 100% in that group!)


So, be awestruck by the gentle impact of your spin instructor. Then, you can walk away with so much more than a one-hour workout.


Join a digital course. 


If you are feeling alone, make friends over the internet.


YES, the INTERNET. It's great. 


A few months ago I did Jacki Carr and MaryBeth LaRue's 7 Weeks to Bliss. It was a 7-week online course where we chatted via conference call for one hour a week and I couldn't believe how connected I felt to a whole group of women from all over the world. Turns out, so many of them were navigating the same stuff as me. (P.S. fall registration just opened if you wanna check it out! Like, look how much bliss they are rocking in that one photo!)


Snag some wisdom bombs from the masters & post it.


One last thing. If you have any quotes or images that rock your world or inspire you to go after your big, juicy dreams, then put them on your desktop or phone background.


In this digital world, I know we all spend a ton of time with those devices. Even upload it as your banner on Facebook or Twitter. Put it everywhere you can see it. You are a total rock star and you can live the life of your dreams. I know it. So, slap it up everywhere because that’s where you are headed, pal.


Shine like the diamond that you are. 



All the love,