How I Started my Business at 23 in My Childhood Bedroom #realtalk

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This is honestly where I got started - right here with my garage sale chair and twin bed.


Honestly, all the success you see today started right here in my childhood bedroom! Yep. This is literally it! This is where I wrote my first book, created my first products, and started The Kelly Trach Show Podcast. Starting with nothing and working with what you've got is the ONLY way to do it. 


A huge mindset block I see often is this one: "I'll do ______ when _____ happens first."


For example:

"I'll start my business WHEN I quit my job." 

"I'll start my passion project WHEN I have more time." 

"I'll get around to my vegan food blog WHEN I move out of my dorm room."


As I share in Your Conscious Empire, you don't need more time - you just need to get going.


You can totally make use of what you have. And more importantly, get started with a zero dollar budget and build a business on the cheap. So, if you are sitting there and thinking: "how can I start my own online business?" Let me show you the super practical way in full honesty.


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