F*ck this Shit I'm Curing Myself: LEAK 3

Mastering your inner critic


There is a tiny voice in your head that will tell you:


- You’re not worthy of healing.

- You can’t heal.

- This is impossible.

- There is no point.

- You’re going to feel like this forever.

- Why are you even trying?

- You’re going to be sick, fat, and ugly until you die.

- Ugh, this is so hard, you might as well stop now.


I know these voices well because I’ve said these things to myself a thousand times. Know that you are worthy of healing and that this inner voice is not your truth. Your truth is love.


Fear controls us all, and the tiny voice that speaks up from that dark place is something you can actively shut out. You need to understand that these thoughts are not true. All of that shit we say to ourselves is our fear speaking.


Your thoughts control your life, your mindset, and your outlook on the world. Conquering the beast is a critical step for healing. Here is a little four-step process to bring awareness into your mental chatter and start to distance yourself from that inner critic.

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