Dealing With Your Fear

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Is it the good kind of exciting fear? Or scary fear when you're venturing into new territory? 


Fear is a natural part of the human experience. You'll never do enough self-development, read enough books, or meditate enough to actually get rid of the fear, so let's just get that one straight.

What you can do is tell it who's boss and master your mindset so that you know what type of fear is popping up for you and how to give it some straight talk.

How fast you can return to a place of love instead of fear is your comeback rate. The faster you can get a grasp on it, the faster you can take action on your life's vision. 


Today, I'm teaching you how to move forward when you're feeling the freaky-but-awesome fear.


You'll learn:

 - The difference between good, exciting fear and bad, scary fear. 

- How to rely on what you've achieved in the past in order to remind yourself that you have done big, bold, scary things before. 

- How to personify your fear and get clear on the fact that it's eons away from the voice in your head that's rooted in love.

- How to understand what the voice of love sounds like versus one from fear.


Fear is one of the topics we are deep diving into this year in Your Best Life. So, if fear, doubt and worry are constants in your life, mastering your mind is the best way to start.

Your Best Life is an 8-week online training program that shows you step-by-step how to craft a life you truly love by building the right mindset and redefining your relationship with yourself. This course is all about doing the inner work so you can show up fully expressed as who you really are. 


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