Conquering Colds. Au Naturel Style.

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Do you pick up every cold and flu that goes around town?


And feel like you get over a cold and then just pick up another one?


That was 100% my story before I discovered my two autoimmune diseases, IBS, and leaky gut. My immune system was so damaged that I lacked enough white blood cells to fight off the bad guys. 


It took a few years, but eating plant-based and shifting my lifestyle to incorporate more eastern practices completed boosted my immunity.


Now, I rarely get sick. (Maybe two days of the entire year - at most!)  It is a superhuman power! Natural cold cures will ACTUALLY help.

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So, when you feel a cold creeping up, try these tips to build your immunity:


#1 - Allow yourself to take intentional rest.


As a type-A-email-checking-junkie, resting and slowing down on purpose is not my forte. (Speeding up and checking off my to-do list is totally my jam). Taking a sick day was literally out of the question. Despite how terrible I felt, I always went to work, attended meetings, and continuously pushed through. If you loved someone, you’d want them to rest when they felt under the weather. So, why not allow that for yourself? Give yourself the permission to rest. Lay in bed. Do something soothing. Forget email for the day.


#2 - Ditch the antibiotics.


On my road to recovery, I stopped taking antibiotics. Studies prove that antibiotics are harmful to gut flora, wipe out precious bacteria you’ve worked hard to create, and can alter your biome for up to one year. I also stay away from over-the-counter drugs when possible, just because my gut is so fragile. If you absolutely require them for a surgery or infection, boost your probiotic intake by double or triple each day. then, you can build back your gut immunity faster.


#3 - Use natural remedies for the common cold & flu.


Eat raw garlic and ginger in small doses when you feel a cold comin’ on.  Garlic and ginger both have immune boosting and antiviral properties. Plus, coconut oil is a natural antifungal, antibacterial, and antimicrobial and works wonders. Zinc, echinacea, and vitamin C are also fellow allies. I find these more effective than any over-the-counter medication I’ve taken in prior years. As a bonus, these real food remedies are cheaper than anything from the pharmacy aisle.


#4 - Try a Neti Pot.


Now, what the eff is a neti pot you may ask? It is basically a saline wash for your sinuses. It looks hilarious and feels awkward. But, it's great for clearing your nose and being able to breathe through both nostrils! Do it with lukewarm water and a tiny pinch of sea salt. Viruses and colds can't survive in the salient environment and you'll recover faster. Pro tip: don’t practice it in front of your younger sibling, you’ll die of laughter and inhale water.


#5 - Do a sea salt gargle.


A morning and night gargle also helps soothe my sore throat. Warm water plus sea salt for 20 seconds. An easy peasy natural cold cure that's backed by science.


Want more healing tips?