My book launch is so close, you can feel it.

On June 28th, it's all yours. 


If you're ready for a massive change in your life, mark your calendars. 'Cause this baby is goin' live. 


When Western medicine could not fix me and told me “there was nothing I could do,” I said “hell no.”

So, I rolled up my denim sleeves and did it myself. I took the Tim Ferriss approach and used myself as a guinea pig to test every strategy to heal my digestive disorders.

This book shares the tested-till-perfect strategies that will enable you to thrive and it's an accumulation of all the golden nuggets I’ve found successful for self-healing. (With a few Jay Z and Drake lyrics along the way).

In 100% full transparency, you'll get the cheat sheet to healing with implementable, simple tactics to get started ASAP. 'Cause, your best life is waiting and ain't nobody got time to play around just for kicks. 

What you'll get:


- 170 paged PDF chalked full of juicy tidbits and #realtalk. 

- 14 worksheets to fill out as you go.

- 12 chapters on each domain of self-healing. 

- 100% transparency on how I did it and how you can too. Nothing left unsaid. 

- A dictionary of key science terms and their explanations in plain English. (So, you're super educated). 

- Common red flags that can indicate a lurking illness. (Like, being tired all the time or feeling sick after you eat).

- The most prevalent gut-rooted conditions, their symptoms, the tests required for diagnosis, and the treatments. So, you can navigate convos with your doc and get clarity.

- A deep dive on how to ditch the mindset that's holding you back from healing.

- How to nourish your body with the right (and delicious) grub. 

- Solutions to give information the boot by tossing the toxins that you are exposing yourself to. 

- A breakdown on HOW to do this. ('Cause I know it might sound like a lot). Every strategy is broken down into tiny, implementable steps so you're guaranteed to succeed.


Want it? Get it.